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By Marcia Mills, Andrew House
Defence Construction Canada (DCC) has updated the Advance Procurement Notice (NPP) for Solicitation № WA-NCR-2016-20 for construction programs for fiscal years 17/18 through to 19/20.
By Neil Searle
The procedural directives issued by the Judge President of the Labour Court in the 2013 Practice Manual have played an invaluable role in promoting consistency and certainty in the practices of the Labour Court, ...
By Noah Boudreau, Marie-Pier Gagnon Nadeau, Camille Peltier
On June 10, 2019, in a decision rendered by Justice Chantale Tremblay, the Superior Court of Québec refused to authorize Plaintiff Brigitte Bourbonnière's application for authorization to institute a class action.
By Rachel Devon
Confidentiality is a key benefit of most settlement agreements. What happens if an employee boasts online about the details of a settlement?
By Shane Todd, Rachel Devon
Major changes to the Canada Labour Code are coming into force on September 1, 2019.
By Tala Khoury, John D.R. Craig, Jackie VanDerMeulen
In a recent decision, Ontario's Divisional Court found that Rouge River Farms Inc.'s employees are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Employment Standards Act, 2000.
By Edward Guo, Jack Yu
We will continue to follow and report on such regulatory developments.
By Megan Beal
Further, even if an employee has started litigation against an employer, it is not too late to offer the employee his or her job back.
By Jean-Raphaël Champagne, Paméla Roy
Finally, the Draft Regulation provides that a cannabis extract must not contain any additives or other substances intended to modify odour, taste or colour.
By Anthony Baldanza, Huy Do, Antonio Di Domenico, Jenna L. Ward
The guide covers the important developments in the most significant jurisdictions
By Laurence Dunbar
The Internet Code should prove to be a useful tool for consumers of retail Internet services.
By Kathryn Walker
In February and March of 2019, the OECD organized a public consultation process, releasing a consultation document on February 13, 2019, inviting public comments up until March 6, 2019, and holding a conference where industry...
By Chris Margison
Pre-merger exchanges of information can create competition risk.
By Alexandra Mitretodis, Brock Euper
In a digital economy, there has been an increasing amount of scrutiny regarding technology's impact on consumers and competition. One key question is whether privacy should be considered
By Lynne Golding, Sophie MacRae, Yvonne Mazurak
This bulletin provides a brief overview of the proposed legislation in its current form.
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