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By Ramón Varela
En años recientes, la Asamblea Nacional debatió una ley marco de APP, pero ésta fue rechazada en 2011.
By Ramón Varela
For the past few decades, Panama has established public-private partnerships in projects as diverse as toll roads, water treatment plants, ports, telecommunications networks and the generation and distribution of electricity.
By Albalira Montufar
Copy of the passport's data page and registration stamp.
By Karla Pinilla
The physical address where the accounting records are held and the name of the person who keeps the accounting records and supporting documentation.
By Angelica Ortiz
The financial obligation of parents with their children of legal age will be until they reach 25 years-old.
By Maria Teresa Mendoza
Panama's Labor Code, in effect since April 1972, with some changes in the last years, regulates the relationship between capital and labor, based on the principles of social justice established in the Political Constitution of the Republic ...
By Morgan & Morgan
Requirements to apply for permanent residency for executives of Multinational Headquarters offices ("SEM" for its acronym in Spanish)
By Naim E. Musa
Pursuant to the International Business Companies Regulations, 2019 and related legislation, companies incorporated under the IBCs shall not acquire, hold own or deal with any Intellectual Property Asset.
By Fanny Evans
The Bahamas. The included entity shall be able to demonstrate adequate supervision of the outsourced activity.
By María Eugenia Brenes, Allen Candanedo
In the year 2000, the United Nations General Assembly designated April 26 as World Intellectual Property Day.
By Fanny Evans
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has passed legislation requiring certain legal entities carrying on relevant activities to demonstrate adequate economic substance in the BVI.
By Kharla Aizpurua Olmos
With the enactment of Law No. 81 on Protection of Personal Data, the Republic of Panama aims to establish the principles, rights, obligations and procedures that regulate the protection of personal data, ...
By Ricardo Arias, Roberto Vidal
One of the biggest challenges that micro, small and medium enterprises face when trying to settle in and achieve success as profitable businesses is to obtain capital and sources of financing.
By Adolfo Campos
The regulation of Transfer Pricing is one of the mechanisms through which the Directorate General of Revenue (DGI) seeks to avoid the erosion of the tax base.
By Giselle Moncada
The loan agreement secured by mortgage is a legal and financial concept that has undoubtedly been a pillar of world economic progress.