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By Ayleath Foote
The Act removes an escape for directors and company officers by imposing mandatory reporting obligations on liquidators.
By Andrew Oh
The difference between a sole trader and a limited liability company, is that the latter is a separate legal entity.
By Andrew Oh
A caveat lodged against the title prevents the registered owner from selling, mortgaging, or dealing with the property.
By Amanda Bradley
House insurance is absolutely crucial, and when borrowing from lenders to complete a house purchase, it is compulsory.
By Amanda Bradley
A building contract can vary depending on the builder, so it is important for it to be reviewed on a case by case basis.
By Amanda Bradley
The constitution of a company generally stipulates how many directors are required to sign documents to bind the company.
By Amanda Bradley
Recent amendments aim to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing within various businesses and professions.
By David Briscoe
Major policy changes proposed by the Government in 2019 will affect the six most commonly utilised work visa categories.
By Aaron Sherriff
A retention funds shortfall has been reported in a number of construction companies in liquidation or receivership.
By Dan Winfield
Article recommends individual farmers to make submissions in relation to proposal document for healthy waterways.
By Brian Nathan
A key change arising from the HSWA was the use of WorkSafe-approved enforceable undertakings as an alternative to prosecution.
By David Briscoe
The fundamental and challenging aspect of partnership visa applications is relationship evidence that must be provided.
By Aaron Sherriff
EQC will make an ex gratia payment to cover the cost of repair for purchasers of these earthquake-damaged properties.
By Aaron Sherriff
SR found to have mislead & deceived customer in relation to the Buy Another House option in their insurance contract.
By Brian Nathan
Court considered how the definition of ordinary weekly pay requires an employer to treat commissions when calculating holiday pay.
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