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By Murray Thornhill
Employers will need to review employment contracts at minimum wage, under a modern award or other industrial instrument.
By Simon Creek
You should take these tips into account early on before making any impulse decisions that could affect your legal rights.
By Dianne Caruso, Simon Creek
The court held that family violence is relevant to property settlement proceedings in the assessment of contributions.
By Murray Thornhill
The best protection for construction contractor payments often comes from Personal Property Securities Act registration.
It is important to know whether or not there are Family Court proceedings underway or if there are Family Court Orders.
By Simon Creek
This most recent leaders debate in front of 48 undecided voters addressed varying topics to indicate differing policies.
By Nikolina Milošević, Murray Thornhill
Even if the express product-warranty has lapsed, you may still have rights under the ACL depending on the circumstances.
By Rachel Pocock, Simon Creek
With Easter holidays just recently, this is a guide for separated parents seeking to travel overseas with their children.
By Anne Hurley, Oscar Dell'Anna
Before signing, you must review the terms of the lease and ensure that you understand your obligations and liabilities.
By Eliza Fitzgerald
This article will consider common questions that often arise in relation to death and family law proceedings.
By Marcus Hodge
By using social media, purveyors of hate crimes have easy access to a wider and increasingly disenfranchised audience.
By Modiesha Stephens
If these two new bills are passed in their present form, it will transform the duties landscape in Western Australia.
By Steve Cohen
Schools and teachers have the potential to play an important role in safeguarding a child in a high conflict divorce.
By Daniel Morris
It is uncertain if liquidators of insolvent construction contractors can enforce adjudication awards across Australia.
By Simon Creek
The bill prohibits family violence perpetrators from directly cross-examining their victims in Family Court proceedings.
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