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By Sebastiano Garufi, Niccolò Figundio
Il 6 agosto 2019, l'Amministrazione Federale delle Contribuzioni ("AFC") ha pubblicato sul Foglio federale una richiesta di informazioni pervenuta dalle autorità fiscali italiane nel dicembre ...
By Peter R. Altenburger, Niccolò Figundio, Sebastiano Garufi
The FTA challenged the judgment before the Federal Supreme Court, which overruled the Federal Administrative Court's decision and deemed the French request admissible.
By Alisa Burkhard, Luzius Cavelti
On July 26, 2019, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court rendered a groundbreaking judgment in the field of administrative assistance in tax matters.
By Alisa Burkhard, Cyril Troyanov
Проживающие в России лица, связанные со
By Aline Wey Speirs
In June 2019 the National Council of the Swiss Parliament – again – rejected a draft bill designed to introduce clear rules and procedures for whistleblowers in the private sector.
By Peter R. Altenburger
The request for a preliminary ruling to the ECJ concerned the interpretation of the Agreement between the European Community and its Member States and the Swiss Confederation on the Free Movement of Persons ...
By Roland Köchli, Alessandro Pescia, Thomas Roullet
In rental law, the principle that a lease agreement on real estate is generally transferred to the purchaser of the leased property in the event of a sale of the property applies.
By Camille Loup, Thomas Roullet, Birgit Sambeth Glasner, Clarisse von Wunschheim
L'UE offre la possibilité pour le défunt de choisir les tribunaux compétents.
By Cyril Troyanov, Alisa Burkhard, Sonia Cabon
The year 2018 was a challenging and interesting year for legal and tax developments affecting clients from Russia/CIS with business or personal interests in Switzerland.
By Sebastiano Garufi, Niccolò Figundio
The Italian Budget Law for 2019 (Law no. 145/2018) has introduced a favorable tax regime aimed at encouraging retired people living in foreign countries to move their residence to Southern Italy.
By Stéphanie Hodara El Bez, Cecilia Peregrina
Le Conseil fédéral a enfin ouvert fin octobre la procédure de consultation concernant les ordonnances d'application de la LS Fin (P-OSFin) ...
By Birgit Sambeth Glasner
La médiation commerciale se différencie non seulement des processus de résolution de conflits judiciaires et arbitraux, mais aussi des autres formes de médiation.
By Roberta Comerro
Lo sviluppo commerciale e la contestuale tutela di beni ed interessi aziendali esistenti passano attraverso la scelta di adeguate tipologie di contratto.
By Alisa Burkhard
Многие клиенты также отметили, что эволюция в сторону налоговой прозрачности идет
By Stéphanie Hodara El Bez
Le Conseil fédéral a enfin ouvert la procédure de consultation concernant les ordonnances sur la loi sur les services financiers (LSFin) et la loi sur les établissements financiers (LEFin).