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By Jackson Hagen
The minimum income requirements for some visa categories have recently been increased. Why? What? Who is impacted?
By Ashley-Jayne Lodge
Article looks at rights of employer if cannabis is legalised and reminds employers to review drug and alcohol policies etc.
By Richard Parkes
Understanding EQC/insurance claims history of a property prior to sale is becoming increasingly significant for vendors.
By Natasha Rae
Regularly updating skill shortage lists ensures immigration policies are adaptable to changing labour market conditions.
By Ashley-Jayne Lodge
This Employment Court decision issued a reminder about availability provisions and traditional overtime requirements.
By Madison Prattley
Doubling the jurisdiction of the Disputes Tribunal makes it a more viable and attractive option to resolve many disputes.
By David Fitchett
The article sets out a few scenarios where a tenant is required to maintain and repair premises under a commercial lease.
By Jeroen Vink
When you consider any building project, you should think about what security you are going to require from the builder.
By Jackson Hagen, Natasha Rae
Implementing an ETA system will allow the authorities to pre-screen individuals, before they travel to New Zealand.
By Holly Cassin, Sam Cowan
The risk for Mainzeal directors is that the Court of Appeal may decide they are personally liable for over $36 million.
By Matt Rhodes
The article considers the enforceability of the NRL policy and other ways sporting clubs can regulate player misconduct.
By Rebecca Collins
If you have been appointed an attorney by a family member or friend, this article will provide you with some guidance.
By Natasha Rae
This immigration update provides a brief overview of key proposed changes to the employer-assisted work visa framework.
By Jack Brown
Companies with more than 20 staff can no longer rely on a 90 day trial period clause but may consider a probationary period.
By Ashley-Jayne Lodge
This article deals with some of the significant changes made by the Act, most of which will take effect in May 2019.
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