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By Nick Thorne, Ryan Warokra
The Corrs High Vis podcast examines the Papua New Guinea electrification partnership, which aims to electrify the nation.
By Cameron Cheetham, Mark Wilks, Craig Ensor
Conclusive evidence clauses must be carefully drafted to ensure that the certificates will prove exactly what they mean.
By Richard Leder, Sanjay Schrapel, Jim Micallef
For defamation, media companies are considered primary publishers of third party comments on their public Facebook pages.
By Fadi Khoury
The Foreign AFSL requires foreign financial services providers (FFSPs) to apply for a modified form of the AFS licence.
By Cameron Cheetham, Mark Wilks, Craig Ensor
This case serves as a reminder that a funded liquidator and insolvent plaintiff may not justify an order for security.
By Bruce Adkins, Michael MacGinley
This briefing includes recent mining deals, market rumours, potential opportunities and relevant regulatory updates.
By Daryl Clifford, Matthew Butchard
This case illustrates the danger of a tenant moving into possession of premises before a formal lease has been executed.
By Cameron Cheetham, Mark Wilks, Craig Ensor
An insolvent trading claim involved privilege against self-incrimination and liability split between successive directors.
By Odette Gourley, Alison Jones
The issue may arise after changes to IP arrangements in a corporate group, for tax reasons or because of an acquisition.
By Andrew Chew, Emily Marsh
These cases made compelling arguments for the personal liability of executives for offences committed by corporations.
By Cameron Cheetham, Mark Wilks, Craig Ensor
An insolvency exclusion in a D&O policy did not exclude claims against directors of a company under administration.
By Andrew Lumsden, Katrina Sleiman
Recent decision provides clarity for directors on the nature of continuous disclosure obligations & ensuring they are met.
By Glenn Taylor, Fadi Khoury
Article discusses Corrs advising syndicate on listed managed investment trust IPO.
By Jonathan Farrer, Gaynor Tracey, James North
Article discusses new term sheet which sets out key terms proposed to be used to kick off future M&A transactions.
By Jack de Flamingh
Law around discipline of an employee by their employer for the publication of controversial opinions has not changed.
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