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By Irv Vaso
Bitcoin is a relatively new form of money – entirely digital. It is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, managed by the community of its users, working without having a supervision by central bank or management by an administrator.
By Flavia Xhafo
Albania is almost entirely depending on hydro power as over than 95% of the electricity is generated by hydropower plants.
By Kalo & Associates
The Albanian Government approved last week the natural Gas Master Plan and Project Identification Plan, paving the way to important private investments for the construction of gas infrastructure.
By Kalo & Associates
The Albanian Energy Law was recently amended introducing specific rules about the power market operator – Albanian Power Exchange (Albanian PX).
By Ardjana Shehi, Irv Vaso
Kalo & Associates, namely Ardjana Shehi (Senior Partner) and Irv Vaso (Associate) contribute exclusively in the Albanian chapter of the 2017 IFLR 1000 Edition on US Outbound Overseas Investments.
By Kalo & Associates
This law will become effective 15 days following the publication in Albanian Official Gazette.
By Kalo & Associates
The Law provides for a number of violations and the relevant penalties and sanctions.
By Perparim Kalo
The Labour Code provides for the contractual regulation of the employment relationships between the employer and the employee by means of an individual or a collective labour agreement.
By Irv Vaso
A new Law no. 135/2016 "On safety and health at work, emergencies and rescue in mining and underground works of Hydropower plants" (the "Law") has entered into force on January 27, 2017.
By Flavia Xhafo
Albania is the largest exporter of crude oil in the Energy Community and is home to the largest onshore oil field in Europe (i.e. Patos Marinza).
By Kalo & Associates
A new amendment no.126/2016 "On some changes and additions to the Law no.61/2012 "On excise in the Republic of Albania", as amended", is effective as of January 1st, 2017.
By Romeo Merruko
One of the hot issues that has been discussed in the ambit of the Justice Reform is the role of international factor in the revaluation and monitoring process of the Judges and the Prosecutors. 
By Adi Brovina
Albania has recognized the obligations in the global scale by introducing Anti Money Laundering Laws and regulatory framework.
By Eni Kalo
Since October 2016 when the Copyright Law ("New Copyright Law") entered into, three important pieces of secondary legislation were enacted in early 2017: Council of Ministers' Decision No.33, . . .
By Perparim Kalo
After 22 years of the enactment of the Foreign Investment law in 1993, as amended in 2009, a new law on strategic sectors and strategic investments came into picture.