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By Thomas Humphreys, Anna Pinedo, Stephen Feldman, Remmelt Reigersman, Shiukay Hung, David Goett, Clara Lim, Adam Nguyen, Nicole Humphrey, Brennan Young, Allison Peck
With the failure of health care legislation to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, eyes in Washington, D.C. are now turning to tax reform. Since Congress plans to take August off...
By Aaron Rubin
Searching "millennials killed…" on the Internet returns over 1.5 million results in .65 seconds.
By Erin Bosman, Julie Park, Janet Kim
Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court clarified the scope of specific personal jurisdiction in Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California, San Francisco City.
By Carlos E. Juarez
Global fintech venture capital-backed financings are on course to hit record highs, according to a recent research briefing by CB Insights.
By Erin Bosman, Julie Park, Dean Atyia
On July 24, 2017, the White House announced President Trump's intent to nominate Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY) as the next Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)...
By Jens Hackl, Wolfgang Schönig, Jeffrey Jaeckel
In both the U.S. and the EU, it is generally acknowledged that the enforcement and commercialization of IP rights must comply with the applicable antitrust laws.
By Robert Falk
A year from now, dramatic changes to California's Proposition 65 warning regulations take full effect.
By James Tucker
In July 2017, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims issued decisions covering a number of issues.
By Ze’-ev Eiger
On July 31, 2017, the NYSE amended its proposal, originally issued on March 13, 2017 and then withdrawn on July 19, 2017, to modify its listing qualifications to facilitate direct offerings.
By Carlos E. Juarez
On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC).
By John Delaney, Aaron Rubin
An article on The Verge has some useful tips on how to use the function, which is called Snap Map, and how to turn it off.
By Carrie H. Cohen
These efforts, Plantronics asserted, were proof that it took the requisite responsible steps to preserve ESI and that it did not intend to deprive GN Netcom of evidence.
By Spencer Klein, Dario F. de Martino
On July 21, 2017, following last June's announcement that the Delaware House of Representatives had passed blockchain-related provisions proposing to amend several sections of the DGCL...
By Matthew Kutner
On July 24, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed a district court ruling that a shareholder of a fund of funds lacks standing under Section 36(b) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 ...
By Carlos E. Juarez
The House Financial Services Committee met on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 and approved four bipartisan bills.
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