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By Emilio Pera, Cristian Carstoiu
Setting course in a disrupted marketplace: becoming the digital bank of the future.
By Cristian Carstoiu, Farhan Syed
Governments have the opportunity to make a more transparent and persuasive case for data sharing to deliver more personalized services to citizens.
By Cristian Carstoiu
Data is the new black - or, perhaps more relevantly for the UAE, the new oil. With one important distinction: data's market value is not going down.
By Clare McColl, Rob Dalla Costa
Some GCC states have announced their intention to implement VAT as early as 1 January 2018.
By Clare McColl, Rob Dalla Costa
The most significant change short-term change is VAT which is likely to be introduced on 1 January 2018.
By Clare McColl, Rob Dalla Costa
There will be a right for businesses to claim a credit for VAT paid on their expenditures, relating to their business activities.
By Ashok Hariharan, Clare McColl, Rob Dalla Costa
The text of the GCC unified agreement for value added tax (VAT) has been published (in Arabic) by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
By Steve Punch, Emilio Pera, Luke Ellyard
The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) recently released Circular 52, regulations on capital adequacy. This is the CBUAE's response to Basel III definitions of capital and minimum capital requirements.
By Raman Bhardwaj
Cloud computing has been described as the future of computing and a boon for businesses with ambitious growth plans and the desire to use best in breed, innovative computing solutions.