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By Ian Montgomery, Mike Williams, Stephen Adams, Richard Doyle, Christian Hidalgo
Companies will be required to confirm the above details to their Registered Agent within 6 months of the end of the first applicable financial period, as above.
By Joss Morris, Alan de Saram, Stephen Nelson
Overall the drafting of the LLC Law adopts a similar approach as adopted with respect toELPs under the Cayman Exempted Limited Partnership Law in that many of its default provisions...
By Stephen Adams, Charles Kerins, Kathryn Smith
With the large number of BVI companies in existence and the general ageing population, succession issues surrounding ownership of shares in a BVI company have become quite prevalent.
By Stephen Nelson
Fund managers are now subject to more regulation than ever. This has been driven by pressure from governments and regulatory authorities around the world.
By Angela Calnan, Kellyann Ozouf
For several years, private trust companies have been the vehicle of choice for administering the assets of wealthy families.
By Michael Morris
By dealing with this at an early stage, we can reduce the time it takes to get from accepting an offer to exchange of contracts.
By Michael Morris
This guide gives you as an owner or purchaser of residential property a basic understanding of the purchasing process.
By Stephen Adams
In the British Virgin Islands, investment funds are regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission under the BVI Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 and the Mutual Fund Regulations, 2010.
By Collas Crill
Russia has recently introduced significant changes to its tax code - dubbed the "deoffshorization law"- intended to restrict the use of offshore corporate and trust structures controlled by...
By Michael Adkins, Christian Hay
In this guide we hope to give our readers a refresher course on Guernsey's insolvency laws in the hope that they will be in a better equipped when one of their clients 'goes under'.
By Wayne Atkinson
Fund Vehicle: Cayman Exempted Limited Company with a Cayman Registered office. Usually a Cayman Registered Mutual Fund. The Fund's Board may include Cayman resident independent directors.
By Collas Crill
It is quite common for non-residents of the Island to own either real property (houses and land) in Guernsey or have personal estate (eg bank accounts, investments and share portfolios) here.
By Joanne Seal
"Probate" is a term commonly used as a generalisation for what ought more properly to be called a "Grant of Representation".