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By Sang Hoon Lee, William Kim
On February 28, 2018, the National Assembly of Korea passed legislative amendments designed to reform the Labor Standards Act. We have summarized the notable changes below...
By Vera Eun Woo Lee, Il Hee Bahn
The end result, however, has been legislation that is oftentimes inefficient, inconsistent, and complicated.
By Soon-Yub Samuel Kwon, Tong Keun Seol, Je Hun Yon, Byung Chul Choi
Facilities presenting high environmental risk required to purchase environmental liability insurance...
By Soon-Yub Samuel Kwon, Tong Keun Seol, Je Hun Yon, Byung Chul Choi
Starting in 2017, the pollution controls applicable to businesses in the 20 industries with the most significant environmental impact will be gradually integrated to streamline the licensing...
By Kwang Bae Park, Ju Bong Jang
The amendments to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and the Personal Information Protection Act...
By Pyoung Keun Song, Hwan Jeong
In March 2016, the KMA, an association of more than 100,000 Korean physicians, won a decisive victory over the KFTC when the Seoul High Court entirely overruled the KFTC's sanctions...
By Jay Shim, Sung Hyun Ryu
In May 2016, a Korean taxpayer won its victory over the Korean tax authority when the Seoul High Court overruled the tax authority's assessment against the taxpayer...
By Sang Gon Kim
As a general rule, the Korean Commercial Code (KCC) forbids a company from acquiring its own shares (treasury shares) in accordance with principles of capital adequacy.
By Jay Shim, Jangwoon John Kwak, Yeonho Chang, Steve H. Oh
The significance of this case is that it is the first Supreme Court decision on the application of the VAT rules to Mileage Purchase.
By Jay Shim, Ted Tae-Gyung Kim, Duk Won Suh
On April 14 2016, the MOSF also issued an administrative notice (the "Notice") setting forth the guidance on how and by whom the CRITI may be prepared and filed.
By Jaehoon Kim, Hyunjoo Oh, Seung-A Hyun
On 28 June 2016, the Korean government enacted an amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the FSCMA which, among others, expands the exception to the Chinese wall regulations . . .
By Kwang Bae Park, Sunghee Chae
On June 30, 2016, government authorities responsible for enforcing data protection and privacy laws and regulations jointly announced the "Comprehensive Guide to Data Protection and Privacy Laws and Regulations".
By Jaehoon Kim, Sang Hoon Lee, William Kim
Imagine being a foreign employer in Korea and maintaining a business operation with over 50 local employees. Imagine further that amongst these employees, one individual has been missing his sales targets...
By Woo Young Jung, Hyunjoo Oh
Financial regulators will be reinforcing regulations on short selling activities in light of continued criticism that ordinary investors are being unfairly affected by short selling activities.