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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Chidinma Thompson, Brett Carlson (Summer Student 2016)
In ISH Energy Ltd v Weber Contract Services Inc., 2019 ABQB 221, pipeline leaks were discovered at five locations in northern British Columbia that required significant clean up
By Jean-Marie Fontaine
To prevent the death of North Atlantic right whales by vessel strikes, since June 26, 2019, the Government of Canada has implemented temporary mandatory speed restrictions for all vessels 20 meters or more...
By Daniel Grodinsky
La Cour suprême du Canada vient confirmer la décision de la Cour d'appel du Québec en faveur des autorités fiscales québécoises relativement à l'affaire 1068754 Alberta Ltd. c. Agence du revenu du Québec, dont nous avons discuté sur ce site l'an dernier.
By Daniel Grodinsky
In the recent decision in 1068754 Alberta Ltd. v. Agence du revenu du Québec, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed a Quebec Court of Appeal decision permitting Quebec's tax authorities to require the production of bank records of the Calgary branch of a financial institution doing business in Quebec.
By Kathleen Marsman, Ph.D., Graeme Boocock, Ph.D.
The United States is often the largest target market for Canadian innovators, but exceptions to patentability extended by U.S. courts in recent years have made it difficult for innovators to obtain
By John Blair, QC, Loni da Costa
BLG was successful on behalf of an investment dealer in the recent case Fisher v. Richardson GMP and Woodward wherein the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench refused to certify an investor class action.
By Bradley Freedman
Small and medium organizations are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals, but often have limited financial and human resources available to implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures.
By Adrian J. Howard, Zosia Zielinski
Patent practice in Canada is changing1 as the government aims to ratify its commitment to the Patent Law Treaty. As part of these changes, amendments to the Patent Act and upcoming Patent Rules
By Kathleen Marsman, Ph.D., Graeme Boocock, Ph.D.
On December 16, 2014, Bill C-43 received Royal Assent. The legislation included long-awaited amendments to Canada's Patent Act to implement obligations under the Patent Law Treaty (PLT)
By Chidinma Thompson, Matti Lemmens, Brett Carlson (Summer Student 2016)
On June 21, 2019 the Senate passed Bills C-48 and C-69, after a prolonged and contentious debate in both the upper and lower chambers. Bill C-48,
By Milos Barutciski, Josh Scheinert
Canada imposed economic sanctions against nine Nicaraguan government officials on June 20, 2019 as a result of ongoing human rights violations by Nicaragua's government.
By Chidinma Thompson, Marion Unrau
In Canadian Natural Resources Limited v Municipal District of Greenview No 16 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.
By Sean Muggah, Alexander Gray, Cassandra Florio
The Business Corporations Amendment Act, 2019 (the Amending Act) received royal assent on May 16, 2019 and — when certain provisions come into force by regulation
By Rose Massicotte, Justine Laurier
On May 31, 2019, the Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Commission Scolaire Kativik c. Association des employés du Nord québécois1(Kativik), regarding the criteria applicable to administrative dismissals for incompetence.
By Barbara Walker-Renshaw, Jessica R. Szabo
Prior to December 2015, pursuant to the Mental Health Act, an involuntary patient could be detained indefinitely by renewing the Certificate of Renewal (Form 4) and the Consent and Capacity Board had only the power to confirm or rescind this form.
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