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By Aimee Daga, Brett Ablong
The part of the meeting that concerned his employment - his carer's leave arrangements - was an "administrative action".
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
The employee's symptoms began after he started working at ANO and the longer he worked, the more sustained the pain was.
By Ashlee Carter
The Tribunal is vested with the function of decision-maker & is entitled to summons any information that it deems relevant.
By Naomi Adams
The issue was whether the worker's complaints of pain were a reasonable excuse for a failure to undergo rehabilitation.
By Ashlee Carter, Brett Ablong
The Tribunal needed to decide if the employee provided a reasonable excuse for her failure to undertake rehabilitation.
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
The judge accepted that adequate reasons were not provided so the matter was remitted to the Tribunal for reconsideration.
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
Compensation was denied as the medical condition arose due to events within the reasonable administrative action defence.
By Ashlee Carter, Brett Ablong
The Tribunal was asked to consider whether chiropractic treatment was reasonable medical treatment for a low back injury.
By Naomi Adams
Surveillance footage cast doubt over the accuracy of the claimant's reporting of her condition to medical practitioners.
By Naomi Adams
Subjective complaints of ongoing symptoms by the employee need to substantiated with evidence, such as medical records.
By Claire Tota, Brett Ablong
This article briefly discusses some of the recent amendments to the SRC Act 1988, including Instruments and Declarations.
By Andrew Gulyas, Chris Murphy
There was a sufficient connection to actual events in the workplace, for the employee to be entitled to compensation.
By Andrew Gulyas, Chris Murphy
Assessment via the Comcare Guide is a somewhat mechanical process that does not allow a significant amount of discretion.
By Naomi Adams
The Tribunal decided, on the papers, that it had jurisdiction to review a decision to cease paying workers' compensation.
By Rebecca Tloczek, Brett Ablong
The applicant made a claim for workers' compensation in 2016, for the aggravation of an injury from September 2005.