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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Mark Gallagher, Meghan Fougere, Dan Leduc
The Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Act (Division 26 of Part 4 of Bill C-97, the Budget Implementation Act, 2019)
By Julie Himo, Jeremy Devereux, Jordan Deering, Kieran Siddall
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision in HZC Capital Inc. v Lee reinforces the burden on the plaintiff in obtaining a Mareva injunction to provide strong evidence
By Troy Ungerman
As discussed in previously, the legalization of cannabis in October 2018 sparked a flurry of activity in the Canadian market, as both foreign and domestic investors were eager to enter the space.
By Daniel Daniele
Most of us are familiar with Instagram – a social media engine, primarily utilized in its all-too-familiar form of a phone application, that allows users to share images and videos of themselves or others for public viewing...
By Brian Arbetter, Maria Biaggi
This article addresses best practices for discharging an employee in order to decrease the risk of potential exposure to a lawsuit and to maximize an employer's ability
By Xavier Hamel, Emmanuelle Boilard
Le 4 juillet 2019, la Cour d'appel, dans l'affaire Association professionnelle des ingénieurs du Gouvernement du Québec c. Procureure générale du Québec[1]
By Caroline Jodoin
In the current economic context, businesses must often strive to outdo each other to attract and keep the best talents within their ranks.
By Ahad Ahmed
The source of our television services is significantly changing from traditional cable and television services to online providers. The actively changing
By Simon Lovegrove
On 14 August 2019, the European Central Bank (ECB) published an article on its website calling on banks to step up their preparations for a no-deal Brexit at the end of October 2019.
By Matthew Gregory
On 14 August 2019, the FCA published two protocols in relation to lessons learned reviews commissioned by the non-executive directors of the FCA following the appointments of John Swift QC
By Wasim Khan, Sian Skerratt-Williams
In this edition we take a look at the possible demise of ASTs; two disputes under the Electronic Communications Code; and new global guidance on the measurement of land.
By Peter Valente
Traditionally, commodity pools existed as unique investment vehicles which, contrary to other Canadian public investment funds
By Christopher Guerreiro, Kristin Wall, Brian R. Daley
The Government is moving forward with changes to the PMPRB intended to lower the prices of patented medicines in Canada
By Hernán González Estrada, Dante Trevedan
A new Mexican Asset Forfeiture Law (Ley Nacional de Extinción de Dominio, the AFL) has been enacted by virtue of the publication of a
By Lara White, Natalia Filkina, Shiv Daddar
On 29 July 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued its judgement on Case C-40/17 (the "Fashion-ID" case).
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