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By Dorina Ndreka Asllani
The 2019 fiscal year in Albania introduced significant changes in the Law on Income Tax.
By Olga Nadiezhdina
The category is determined based on the total amount of taxes accrued in the last 12 months.
By Silvia Cancedda, David Jakovljevic
PSD2 is an EU Directive with a huge impact on payment processing industry.
By Bojana Minic
In terms of the business climate, significant progress has been made in the last couple of years towards streamlining business start-up procedures.
By Martina Lalic
We advise Serbian companies to seek professional advice in evaluating their current documentation practices' risk of non-compliance.
By Irena Jokić
The law also introduces the payment of fees for organizing betting games, including online betting.
By Bojana Minic
The Montenegrin Secretariat for Development Projects published on their official website the Decision on Selection of Agents for the CBI program.
By Bojana Minic
The credit rating Agency ''Standard & Poors'' confirmed in its new Report that Montenegro has a stable B+/B credit rating.
By Bojana Minic
Agencija za kreditni rejting ''Standard & Poor's'' objavila je novi Izvještaj za Crnu Goru kojim je ponovo potvrdila izgled rejtinga naše zemlje označenog kao „stabilan", uz očuvanje ocjene B+/B.
By Maria Sarantopoulou
In accordance with the Greek Anti Money Laundering Law 4557/2018 - which implemented the EU Directive 2015/849/EU - specifically Article 20.
By Maria Elia Fotsios
Effective as of 1st of January 2017, the so-called "60 day rule" for the purposes of establishing Cyprus tax residency for individuals is of importance to those seeking Cypriot residency.
By Katarina Predic
One of the incentives introduced is the abolishment of the 10% limit on the deductibility of advertising and promotional expenses recognized as expenses in the tax balance sheet.
By Dorina Ndreka Asllani, Drilona Likaj
The new fiscal year in Albania has started with significant changes introduced in the Law on Income Tax. The new law provisions provide for a reduction of the income tax rate ...
By Maria Sarantopoulou
The Greek Parliament recently voted in favor of the reduction of the tax rate on income arising from dividends
By Nelly Parvanova
Bulgarian companies with staff exceeding 50 employees are obliged to open workplaces for people with disabilities, as per the new Disability Act which has entered in force as of 1st January 2019.
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