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By Ben Harber, Shaun Zulafqar
A joint publication from the FRC and the ICAEW recently provided practical suggestions for audit committees and boards of smaller listed and AIM quoted
By Robert Bell
The EU Commission focuses on the misuse of intellectual property rights in latest e-commerce competition enforcement
By John Stittle
There is good news at last for the FTSE pension funds-but is it too late? It has been another miserable year for many company employees expecting a secure pension in retirement.
By Jake Holloway
Businesses need to manage many risks, with their impact and complexity growing and placing a greater burden on organisations all the time.
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
The period following a change of Prime Minister is always an interesting one, where one pauses to see if pre-election promises are kept
By Kevin Carpenter
ICSA's first venture into the area of sports governance came in 2016, when in January the Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration was launched.
By Tosca Fairchild
An NHS merger is a challenging proposition for any governance team, especially when it has the potential to create one of the largest NHS
By Sonia Sharma
What are the biggest threats and challenges currently facing IT governance? Compliance and governance are becoming more and more high profile.
By John Cannon
It's safe to say that those who create and ensure compliance with regulations face an image problem at times.
By Brett Simnett
Last month I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the ICSA Annual Conference 2019: The Future Board.
By Kerry Round
I have come to understand that a job interview is a two-way process. That actually, just because an organisation has invited me for an interview and I liked
By Phillip Treleaven, Simon Gray
With regulators being the ‘public champion' for new data technologies, this paper explores the automation of regulation and compliance and areas
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
With Brexit dominating headlines, we look at what else the UK's incumbent Prime Minister has to offer
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
Environmental, social and governance or ESG is a term we hear a lot about in relation to the boardroom, but perhaps we think about it less when we are slumped on the sofa
By Sonia Sharma
The UK Company Secretary for Bank of Ireland UK speaks about reporting requirements, the company secretary role and her time at the ICSA Annual Conference 2019
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