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By Gertjan Kuipers, Tobias Cohen Jehoram
Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States issued one of the most important patent decisions in the US. In Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc. the Supreme Court...
By Jan De Bie Leuveling Tjeenk, Harm-Jan De Kluiver, Arne Grimme, Lodewijk Van Den Bergh, Reinier Kleipool, Bernard Roelvink, Martin van Olffen
The Enterprise Chamber has ruled that a company's response to an unsolicited takeover proposal falls within the board's authority to determine the company's strategy.
By Rick van ’t Hullenaar, Marnix Somsen, Marlies de Waard
Last week, the US Congress approved a bill providing for additional sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.
By Ferdinand Hengst, Reinout Vriesendorp
The International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) to Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2017 provides a practical cross-border insight into corporate recovery and insolvency work...
By Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Jan-Jaap Kuipers, Roos Van Der Poel, Tjibbe Douma, Oscar Lamme
The patentability of plant and animal varieties has been a recurring topic of discussion over the years.
By Rick van ’t Hullenaar, Marnix Somsen, Marlies de Waard
OFAC has so far appeared to concentrate its enforcement action on non-US banks processing USD payments involving a US-sanctioned country or person.
By Willem Röell, Christian Godlieb
The European Banking Authority has published new Guidelines on major incident reporting, under Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2).
By Nicolien Van Den Biggelaar, Martijn Snoep, Jolling de Pree, Roan Lamp, Patrick Ploeger, Arjan Kleinhout
Violations of law are increasingly enforced by imposing an administrative fine instead of prosecuting under criminal law.
By Stefan Sagel
Op 30 juni 2017 oordeelde de Hoge Raad dat bij het begroten van een billijke vergoeding na een onterecht ontslag alle omstandigheden moeten worden meegewogen.
By Gaby Smeenk, Yi Duan, Dulijon Veldhoen
For more than thirty years, China has facilitated economic growth by attracting foreign investment through Special Economic Zones ("SEZ").
By Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Vivien Rörsch, Astrid Janssen
Recently the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an important ruling for copyright holders, providers of online platforms and intermediaries dealing with copyright protection...
By Eva Schram, René Maatman
Met ingang van1 juli 2017 hebben medewerkers van financiële dienstverleners een Wft-diploma nodig om advies te mogen geven over een algemeen pensioenfonds.
By René Maatman, Eva Schram
Recently, the State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment has explicitly stated that this was never intended.
By Roan Lamp, Patrick Ploeger, Rick van ’t Hullenaar, Marnix Somsen
Dual proceedings (administrative sanctions alongside criminal prosecution) may constitute a violation of the principle of ne bis in idem, also known as double jeopardy.
By Axel Arnbak
Infecting one computer can be enough to spread the virus across global networks at lightning speed.
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