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By Tom Hicks
There are key reasons for appointing an experienced EBT provider for your share plans
The recommendations from the latest UK Corporate Governance Code and FRC Guidance pose some interesting challenges for governance within the developing NHS landscape
By Sara Drake
There's still work to be done to prioritise customers over shareholders
By Bernadette Barber
I'm not a football fan but I was struck by images of dedicated volunteers who responded to an urgent call from Bury Football Club
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
In our ever busy, demanding and expensive world it's become a necessity for many of us to increase or maximise our income streams
By Ben Harber, Shaun Zulafqar
online: either through a formation agent or Companies House via their online web incorporation service
By Anthony Hilton
"The louder he talked of his honour the faster I counted my spoons" is a quote generally attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
Facebook has found itself at the centre of many allegations, scandals and legal disputes over the past few years.
By Clare Payn
In 2016, the California State Teachers Retirement System, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, Netherlands-based APG Group and UK-based Legal & General Investment Management began ...
By Peter Swabey
Regular readers of Governance and Compliance may recall a debate in these pages in November 2015 about share buybacks.
By Lydia Newman
In the case of Tillman v Egon Zehnder Limited the Supreme Court (SC) considered whether or not words could be removed from a non-compete clause to make it enforceable.
By John Coutts
Boards of directors have been around in the NHS for some time. At NHS Providers we have been a vigorous advocate of board leadership ...
By Sonia Sharma
The CEO of the Post-Lean Institute talks to Governance and Compliance about shareholder value, digital myopia and technological transformation
By Chrissie Davis
Just imagine a future where the voice of governance and compliance is clear – not only is it heard, but also understood,...
Company secretaries are often the most experienced boardroom participants. However, they seldom become board directors in their own capacity
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