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By David Daura
A total amount of 2,764 pairs of shoes infringing different Adidas brands and designs were seized.
By Ana-Laura Morales
On 11 March 2019, Commercial Court No. 4 of Barcelona declared the invalidity of the Spanish supplementary protection certificate covering the combination of tenofovir disoproxil + emtricitabine.
By Ana-Laura Morales
By means of an order dated 3 April 2019, the Spanish Supreme Court rejected the extraordinary appeals filed by Pfizer against a judgement issued by the Barcelona Court of Appeal confirming the dismissal ...
By Julia Carretero
By judgment of 24 January 2019, section 8, the Alicante Provincial Court (acting as the European Union Trademark Court) dismissed the appeal filed by EQUIVALENZA RETAIL, SL ("EQUIVALENZA") against the judgment of 13 February 2017, issued by the European Union Trademark Court No 2 in Alicante,...
By Ana-Laura Morales
In January 2016, NESTLÉ filed a patent infringement action against FAST EUROCAFÉ based on the aforementioned patents.
By Beatriz Bejarano
EU Trademark Court No. 2 did not evaluate the trademark action because it upheld the defendants' non-use exception.
By Sonia Santos, Sonia Santos
On 4th February 2005 the Spanish Tax Authorities submitted a new Plan for preventing Tax Fraud to the Government. This new Plan establishes specific measures for controlling specific imports from Asia, as well as fighting against the black market in trademark counterfeiting and the smuggling of CD and DVD recorders
By Sara Pelaz Sánchez, Sara Pelaz Sánchez
The out-of-court conflict settlement procedure for domain names bearing the country code for Spain ".es" for which a regulation was approved on 8 November 2005 by the Director General of the public business entity "", has recently come into operation.
By Jordi Camo, Jordi Camo
The European Commission has recently approved a proposal for a Directive and a proposal for a framework decision aimed at harmonizing the criminal measures that every member State uses to fight both counterfeiting and piracy.
By Agustí Valls, Agustí Valls
1 July 2005 marked exactly one year since Council Regulation nº 1383/2003, came into force to replace Regulation (EC) nº 3295/94, concerning customs actions against goods suspected of infringing certain intellectual property rights and the measures to be taken against goods found to have infringed such rights.
By Maite Ferrándiz
In May 2004 the Directive EC/2004/48 on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights came into force in response to the need to increase the fight against counterfeiting and piracy in the Internal Market and to harmonize the legislative systems of the Member States regarding the means of enforcing Intellectual Property rights.