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By   Orrick
US Domestic Injury Found Where Theft Deemed to Have Occurred when Funds Transferred from US Bank Account
By Nicholas Kessler
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Germany, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By   Orrick
Semcon sued the Japanese Kyocera parent company alleging infringement of patents relating to cellphones imported into the US and sold by Kycoera subsidiaries. Kyocera moved to dismiss the complaint
By   Orrick
Personal Jurisdiction Based on Knowledge of Texas Port of Call and Lack of Objection Even Where Ship Operator Had No Other Texas Contacts or Control Over Destination
By Mitchell Zuklie
Orrick Chairman Mitch Zuklie spoke with The American Lawyer's Dan Packel for their September issue, which celebrates the publication's 40th anniversary
By   Orrick
Bloomberg contracted with Optima entities (none a US company) to produce and distribute Africa-specific business news programming
By Andrew R. Livingston, Lisa Lupion, Jessica James
The EEOC's revised pay-data collection rule is back in force and the September 30, 2019 deadline is at our doorstep.
By André Zimmermann LL.M.
In Germany, fixed-term employment is strictly regulated: As a rule, fixed-term requires objective grounds that justify the limited term.
By Richard Smith
25 Key Lessons Learned From M&A Transactions.
By Shawn N. Butte
The start of September means that summer is unofficially over. However, the end of beach season also means that big changes to state non-compete laws are on the horizon.
By Sven Greulich, Christine Kaniak
Material Terms and Conditions of a Convertible Loan Agreement and Drafting Tips.
By Ed Batts, Matthew Gemello, Mark Seneca
Earlier this week, Atlassian published its form acquisition letter of intent under the banner of The M&A Process is Broken: It's outdated, inefficient and combative.
By Ed Batts
For 2019 updates to my M&A and Public Company Report Checklists.
By Ed Batts
See link for article on California Public Company Board Gender Diversity Study:
By Ed Batts
Click on links to access newly updated 2019 reports on corporate governance profiles for public companies in the technology sector and, separately, the energy sector.
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