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By Derek Sambrook, Derek Sambrook
The second bridge to be built over the Panama Canal at a cost of $100,000 million, and called the Centenary Bridge, is a fine sight.
By Derek Sambrook
There is an increasing awareness in Latin America of a clash between liberal democracy and populism and there is no greater proponent of the latter than Hugo Chavez.
By Derek Sambrook, Derek Sambrook
Offshore financial centres need thick skins. Not only are they under constant criticism from the governments of developed countries, those individuals who donít use their facilities are, generally speaking, less than flattering in their views of them as well.
By Derek Sambrook, Derek Sambrook
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean predicts that the regionís per capita Gross Domestic Product will repeat last yearís result and grow by 4 per cent in 2005. ECLAC reports that the regionís economy grew by 5.5 per cent in 2004, a figure which has surprised everyone and is the regionís best result since 1980.
Privacy advocates are drawn to the remaining offshore financial services centres which still offer confidentiality. Those pockets of privacy are a magnet to them, just as Europeans in winter travel in search of tropical sunshine and some find it in Florida. Miami, besides its weather, has many financial services companies some of which are servicing the needs of those who have been victims of economic disruptions in Latin America.