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By Oghogho Akpata, Adewale Atake
Party autonomy is a fundamental feature of arbitration globally.
By Adewale Atake, Godwin Omoaka, Igonikon Whyte, Abimbola Atitebi, Lara Ogungbemile
Templars advised and recently, obtained an arbitral award on behalf of the Heineken subsidiary, Nigeria Breweries Plc (NB)...
It is a commercial truism that a banker’s draft, as distinct from a cheque, is generally treated as equivalent to cash and it embodies the bank’s primary and unconditional undertaking to honour its own instrument.
By Chike Obianwu
With a few exceptions, section 162 of the Nigerian Constitution requires that all revenues collected by the Government of the Federation shall be paid into a special account called the Federation Account, from where it will be distributed amongst the Federal, State and Local Governments.
By Inam Wilson
Nigeria made a bold attempt to change the face of maritime business within its coasts when it enacted the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act 2003.
By Inam Wilson
Faced with an estimated N2trillion public sector pension deficit, arbitrary increase in pensions due to poor administrative structures, near absence of an effective financial security system for old retirees and the weakening of the extended family support system due to urbanisation and increased mobility, the Government of Nigeria has had to radically reform pensions administration in Nigeria through the instrumentality of the Pension Reform Act (PRA) 2004.
By Inam Wilson
It has been posited that without high levels of domestic savings, broadly based human capital, good macro-economic management and limited price distortions, there would be no basis for economic growth.
By Inam Wilson
The recent deregulation of the Nigerian economy will no doubt open a doorway for increased foreign investments in Nigeria.
A public address [by Dr. Edmund Daukoru, Nigeria’s Presidential Adviser on Petroleum and Energy] flagged off the 2005 bid rounds for 63 oil and gas blocks spread across Nigeria’s onshore and deep off shore.
By John Ukpaka, Oghogho Akpata, Yetunde Olasope
Insight into the effects of the CBN recapitlization directive and guidelines.
By Godwin Omoaka
This article seeks to examine the mechanisms through which foreign judgments are enforced in Nigeria. It also examines some of the prevailing issues that have recurred in the Nigerian courts as relates to the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.
Foreign Jurisdiction clauses are of critical importance to international transactions.
By Adewale Atake
As the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment continues unabated in Nigeria, investors are increasingly adopting mechanisms to protect their investments against legal and regulatory risks.