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By Adele Garnett, Andrew Tobin
The article answers top questions in relation to the participation of support persons in employment related discussions.
By Thomas Buckley
We discuss ISPT Pty Ltd v Brisbane City Council & Conias Corporation Pty Ltd [2017] QPEC 52.
By Hayden Delaney
React (also React.js or ReactJS) is an open-source JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook.
By Alison Ross, Leeann Murphy
Separated parents can always ask the Court to vary parenting orders if it is in the best interests of their children.
By Jon Erbacher, Rozelle Bothma
The case highlights the inherent dangers of informal arrangements, which can be commonplace within the sports industry.
By Michelle Eastwell
Legislation has now been introduced to extend crowdsourced equity funding (CSF) to proprietary companies in Australia.
By Olivia Williamson, Damian Roe
Resource companies would either make a payment into a fund to cover potential future clean-up costs or provide a surety.
By Josh Hunt
An ICO is a fundraising mechanism using blockchain technology (bitcoin or ether) to sell tokens to fund new projects.
By Daniel Pinti
This Bill will bring digital currency exchanges within the AML/CTF regime and under the regulatory oversight of AUSTRAC.
By Damian Roe, Alyce Nielsen
The update examines recent issues, legislation and case law relating to the resources and energy industry in Queensland.
By Hayden Delaney, Steven Hunwicks
QITC is designed to make Queensland Government procurement simpler and faster, and to cater for newer procurement models.
By Michael Hunt, Elizabeth Harvey
The Court made the first consent determination of native title over the sea to the Yaegl People in New South Wales.
By Jonathan Ivanisevic
The new penalty provisions signal a serious need for WA business owners to address occupational safety and health issues.
By Paul Harley, Liz Wreck
The industry looks forward to details of the delegated legislation implementing the ban and moratorium being released.
By Justin Byrne, Josh Hunt
A new initiative should assist junior exploration companies by providing what may be a flow through tax credit scheme.
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