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Strawinskylaan 1999
1077 XV
By Arnout Koeman
Wiebes wants all stakeholders to mobilise to achieve the climate objectives together.
By Jacqueline Van Essen, Julien Hick, Vincent Wellens
This bill introduces a duty to notify the Dutch Data Protection Authority in the event of a breach of security measures for the protection of personal data.
By Nicolas De Crombrugghe, Lorraine Vercauteren
The Belgian legislature adopted a new act on regulated real estate companies (sociétés immobilières réglementées).
By Thomas Verstraeten, Herman Speyart, Barbara Nijs
The European Commission imposed fines totalling EUR 301.6 million on eleven producers of underground and submarine high voltage power cables.
By Herman Speyart, Thomas Verstraeten, Geneviève Borremans
The European Parliament adopted a directive intended to strengthen the private enforcement of competition law.
By Jacqueline Van Essen, Julien Hick, Vincent Wellens
A bill was sent to the lower house of Parliament under which the rules on cookies laid down in the Dutch Telecommunications Act will be relaxed.
By Vincent Wellens, Jean-Marc Groelly, Christophe Joosen, Philippe Péters, Anne Marie Verschuur
The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has adopted an article 50bis in the Income Tax Act 1967 at the end of 2007.
By Michaela Ulrici, Arjan Scheltema, Nico Blom, Liza Gerritsen, Marijke Kuilman
The securitisation risk retention provisions of Article 122a of the CRD II were replaced by the Capital Requirements Regulation as per 1 January 2014.
By Pascal Faes, Kurt Demeyere
In a country where 15% of all income earned by families in 2013 was transferred to savings accounts, the tax rules applicable to such income is a hot topic.
By Philippe François, Tamar van Colenberghe
On 1 January 2014, new termination rules intended to harmonise the notice periods applicable to blue-collar and white-collar employees entered into effect.
By Anne Tilleux, Julie Salteur
A director must do everything in his or her power to govern the company, which is no small feat.
By Elke Janssens, Christophe Verstappen
Small and medium-sized enterprises have gained 'consumer-like protection' pursuant to the Act of 21 December 2013 on the financing of SMEs.
By Florence Verhoestraete, Karel Nijs
On 30 December 2013, an act to insert Volume VI into the Commercial Code was published in the Belgian State Gazette.
By Kurt Demeyere
With the arrival of spring and the federal, regional and European elections of 25 May 2014 fast approaching, we have noticed increased legislative activity.
By Anne Marie Verschuur, Emma de Groot, Vincent Wellens, Philippe Péters
On 13 February, the Court of Justice of the European Union rendered an important judgment on the scope of legitimate hyperlinking.
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