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South Africa
By Dean Caro
The CCMA has done its best over the years to limit legal representation in cases before it and thereby to limit legal costs orders in favour of successful parties...
By Bongani Mgaga
Mr Ndlovu, a senior employee of Coca-cola (Pty) Ltd, was retrenched on 31 December 2010 after the termination of a distribution contract he had been seconded to manage.
By Megan Gedye
The Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Act, 2013 ("SPLUMA"), which is part of a law reform process designed to align land use planning with specific provisions of the Constitution, became law in August, 2013.
By Dylan Bradford
Joint owners of a piece or pieces of land may want, or need, to redistribute the land among themselves and so become individual owners of a defined portion of that land (or of a sectional title unit) in their own names.
By Amanda Swanson
Mr A (debtor) and Mr B (creditor) enter into a credit agreement but Mr A defaults on his payments in terms of the agreement and he receives a letter of demand for immediate payment of the full amount outstanding.
By Nomonde Njilo
Where an employee has been unfairly dismissed, the court may order that the employer reinstate the employee retrospectively with back pay.
By Graeme Palmer
A tax debt includes any amount of tax due by a person in terms of a tax Act.
By Graeme Palmer
Certain criteria must be met before a senior SARS official can conclude an instalment payment agreement.
Share block schemes have been around since the 1950’s. It wasn’t, however, until the Share Blocks Control Act, 1980 was passed that theses schemes were specifically regulated.
South Africa’s 3 000 km long coastline is home to at least a third of South Africa’s population, sustaining millions of people.