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By Stephen Spina, J. Daniel Skees, Arjun Ramadevanahalli
The system would facilitate critical service restoration and connect infrastructure owners and operators, emergency responders, and government leaders.
By J. Daniel Skees, Arjun Ramadevanahalli, Stephen Spina
Mr. McNamee will serve out the remainder of a term that ends in June 2020.
By J. Daniel Skees, Robert Goldfin
The governors also cite China's $315 billion commitment through 2020 for ultra-high-voltage power lines by way of comparison to US commitments.
By Eric Bord, Nicholas Hobson, Eleanor Pelta, A. James Vázquez-Azpiri
In the January 2019 visa bulletin issued by the US Department of State, EB-1 remains backlogged for all country allotments, advancing by only two-and-a-half to three months.
By Duke McCall, III, Douglas Hastings, David E. Marvin
The US Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers' joint proposed definition of "waters of the United States" would eliminate the regulation of waters with a "significant nexus"
By Susan Feigin Harris, Howard Young, Kathleen Rubinstein
Just when all things Affordable Care Act appeared to have settled in Congress, a federal district court in Texas has weighed in and ruled that the ACA is unconstitutional.
By Joshua Sterling, Michael Philipp
The National Futures Association (NFA) recently proposed an interpretive notice that would require members that are commodity pool operators (CPOs) to adopt and implement internal controls systems designed to deter fraudulent activity (Proposal).
By Rebecca Dandeker, Ann Begley, Kathleen Sanzo
A new pathway for over-the-counter (OTC) products could be on the horizon as both houses of Congress proposed bills to revise the US Food and Drug Administration's
By Justin Cupples, Cosimo A. Zavaglia
Royalties and licensing fees from intellectual property used in the operation of tangible property in Pennsylvania are not subject to sales and use tax. Intellectual property is something separate, and is not merely an ancillary or incidental part of taxable tangible property.
By Kathleen Sanzo, Ann Begley, Amaru Sanchez
California has introduced a law that prohibits selling or importing into California any cosmetic product that involved testing on animals.
By Joshua Sterling, Michael Philipp
If proposed amendments to existing cybersecurity interpretive guidance become final, National Futures Association members ...
By Eric Bord, Eleanor Pelta
A registration program proposed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services would eliminate the need for paper filings prior to the lottery process for cap-subject H-1B petitions.
By Kimberley E. Lunetta, Daniel A. Kadish
New lactation laws in New York City, effective March 18, 2019, describe minimum requirements for lactation rooms, mandate that employers develop a written lactation room policy and provide notice of this policy to all employees.
By Vivian McCardell, Sariyah Buchanan
In Notice 2018-90, the Internal Revenue Service extends the transition relief period for the new escheated IRA federal income tax withholding and reporting rules by one year.
By Susan Harthill, Jonathan Snare, Paul Evans, Anne Marie Estevez
The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs' fiscal year 2019 directives rescind the Active Case Enforcement compliance review procedures, create early resolution procedures, and enhance compliance assistance through the Help Desk and opinion letters.
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