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By DPS Parmar
Improvements in the old inventions remained the hall mark of most of the patents barring few breakthroughs which are game changers or pioneer's inventions.
By LexOrbis  
Rushing to get ex party injunction remained the first salvo in the hands of the patentee in India. Section 108(1) allows courts to give relief in suit for infringement inter alia grant
By LexOrbis  
The commercial exploitation of a patent is not mandatory in any patent law jurisdiction. But if you wait too long
By Nisha Sharma
It can be said that the remedy of Passing off was once considered to be a "common law remedy" which was available only to trademarks.
By LexOrbis  
In recent years, India has attracted worldwide attention with the continuous evolution of its IPR ecosystem.
By LexOrbis  
A recent decision passed by the Delhi High Court on 20 August held that infringement actions cannot be maintained when the patent-in-suit is revoked ...
By Rajeev Kumar
The Government had proposed certain amendments in the Patents Rules, 2003, and had published the same on December 4, 2018 for comments.
By Mini Raman
This amendment is expected to give a boost to domestic manufacturing.
By Omesh Puri
The Delhi Court has recently held that the word DISH may be generic to the business of cooked food or utensils, but surely not to providing television service.
By Joginder Singh
In India, a patent application can be filed by either inventors or their assignee, e.g., a company or an institute. When a patent application is filed in the name of an assignee
By Anil Kumar
The world has been aware of a possible energy crisis for quite some time now. Decades ago, scientists predicted that we may soon run out of fossil fuels
By Omesh Puri
Upon examination of representations received from various stakeholders the question as to whether it is essential to obtain a license for
By Nisha Sharma
In India, persons are not permitted to take forcible possession.
By LexOrbis  
For years, inventors have been filing and obtaining patents for technologies that have either exclusive applicability in outer space or dual-use applicability
By Omesh Puri
The Delhi High court in the case titled Exxon Mobil Corporation v. Exoncorp Private Limited vide its judgment dated July 16, 2019 granted an injunction restraining the Defendant from using the mark EXON ...
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