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By Jonathan Lucas
Need a solution for your latest technology project? It might already exist.
By Emily Agnew
The James & Wells newsletter aims to provide updates on the latest developments in intellectual property in New Zealand.
By Andrew Scott
Become aware of differences as well as similarities between the two cultures before beginning in the Australian market.
By Ben Cain
This article focuses on the granting of new rights to consumers who buy goods through online auctions.
By Sarah Rosanowski
The recent opening of a small American coffee shop in Los Feliz, Los Angeles has received international media attention.
By Ian Finch
The Number 8 Wire mentality describes a Kiwi ability, borne out of isolation, to improvise and adapt, to solve problems.
By David Macaskill
News that GOOGLE is selling Motorola has sparked media commentary that this acquisition has been a costly mistake.
By Owen Culliney
A distribution agreement must be well-drafted, with a minimum sales obligation and consequences for failure to reach it.
By Sarah Rosanowski
Trade Marks act as a badge of origin.
By Ben Cain
This article is a quick 2-step guide on how to identify and to protect NZ intellectual property rights in 2014.
By Ben Cain
The forthcoming holiday season is going to be awesome.
By Ben Cain
Even if a plaintiff is a successful litigant, it will rarely recover all the money it has spent on achieving its goal.
By Ben Cain
This article discusses domain names: what they are, why they are important, and how rights in them are obtained.
By Jonathan Lucas
Repayable government grants are being offered to start-up technology companies to accelerate NZ innovation initiatives.
By Ben Cain
This article outlines the remedies available to a person for breach of confidence - when they find their secret is out.