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By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden
For the past twenty years, the island of Nevis has enjoyed a solid reputation as an innovative and reliable jurisdiction in international financial services and tourism. Nevis’ legislative regime for financial services include international exempt trusts, international business companies, limited liability companies and offshore banks. Additionally, the Nevis Island Administration has drafted new legislation for insurance products and is currently perusing legislation for new products to complem
By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden
As of 1 July 2004, a new regulator is expected to be appointed at the Regulation and Supervision Department. These and other changes are being undertaken in an effort to continue to maintain the outstanding reputation of the island as Nevis moves into new products and services in the international financial services sector.
By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden
The international financial services sector commenced in earnest in Nevis in 1984. During the course of the ensuing years, the Nevis Island Government expended a considerable amount of time and other resources aimed at developing recognised expertise in the financial services sector
By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden
For the past twenty years, the island of Nevis has been a popular jurisdiction for investors looking to fulfill their offshore needs in the areas of international business and limited liability company formation as well as the establishment of trusts and other structures.
By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden, Agatha Jeffers-Gooden
By Agatha Jeffers-Gooden