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By Robert Clark
Hong Kong's new Arbitration Ordinance provides local and international users with a user-friendly arbitration regime.
This article contains hints for responsible officers and directors when completing SFC forms on behalf of their firms.
RMB funds are still developing, but the number of RMB products available for investment has increased significantly.
The ETFs are new investment opportunities for the PRC domestic market and business opportunities for foreign parties.
Issues arising from the marketing of financial products using social media are not specifically addressed by the SFC.
By Robert Clark
Hong Kong has adopted anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures for financial institutions.
By Robert Clark
The SFC is seeking comment on its amended draft rules on short position reporting.
By Robert Clark
The SFC has reprimanded Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limitedand fined it HK$6 million for failing to report misconduct.
The Interim Measures adopt the principle that foreigners working in China participate in PRC social insurance scheme.
By Joseph Kwan
The Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2003, which comes into operation on 13 February 2004, introduces significant changes to the Companies Ordinance. This article summarises some of the significant changes.
The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement ("CEPA") is a free trade agreement between the PRC and Hong Kong that offers Hong Kong companies, products and residents preferential access to the Mainland market. Many of the preferences go beyond China’s WTO concessions. CEPA is not a closed agreement and both sides hold regular meetings on further concessions and the details for implementation.
By Lindsay Esler, Lindsay Esler
By Lindsay Esler, Lindsay Esler