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Costa Rica
By Carolina Trejos
The legal merger process between two companies consists of at least four stages. There are several reasons based on which a company adopts the decision of merging with another firm...
By Fidel Sanchez
Despite the significant initial investment required for the exploration stage and the long project commissioning cycle, geothermal power is the source of renewable energy that most energy produces...
By Neftalí Garro
pasado 26 de septiembre, fue publicado en International Financial Law Review (IFLR) un artículo titulado Costa Rica: Corporate governance overhaul escrito por Neftalí Garro, socio de BLP expert...
By Fidel Sanchez
De allí que la energía hidroeléctrica es necesaria junto con otras fuentes de energía, para el equilibrio del sistema energético.
By Guillermo Rodríguez
Most clients' questions that are commonly addressed by Intellectual Property department attorneys refer to product's protection; thus, certain queries such as "How do I patent my product?"...
By Victoria Martínez
Article on the Right to be Forgotten regarding the reform to the Regulation of Law 8968.
By Randall González
A pesar de la redacción de la última parte del artículo 444, se debe seguir entendiendo que, existe imposibilidad legal de contratar a menores de 15 años.
Let's imagine for a second a soccer match in which there are no rules, and thus the course of the match depends on the decision of each of the teams.
By Ronald Lachner
Las promesas del presidente electo de EE. UU. serían de difícil implementación.
By Randall González
La mezquindad, el desinterés, la falta de solidaridad, el cálculo político, y la vagancia, no son bien recibidos en este momento.
By Carlos Angulo
Analysis of Costa Rican Domestic High Court Case-Law on Conflicts of Interest in Arbitration Procedures in the Light of the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest.
By Carlos Angulo
"FOR SALE - Liquor License (Santa Cruz), $20,000". This is easily the kind of classified ad one may find in any local newspaper in Costa Rica.
By Carlos Angulo
It is no secret that criminal organizations often hide, hedge or invest the proceeds from their illicit activities (dirty money) through legal businesses in order to legitimize it.
By Carlos Angulo
All of us living in Costa Rica have been following the latest news on the imminent approval in Congress of a new tax bill introduced by the Chinchilla administration which contains substantial amendments to our current tax legislation.