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By Sarah Campbell
The government has recently published its "Providing a cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework – a future partnership" paper.
By Sarah Campbell
On 29 June 2017, a Judgment was given in the case of Tobias v Tobias ([2017] EWFC 46) which gave guidance in relation to freezing injunctions...
By Janice Wall, Marlies Braun
In this update we will outline the most recent legal developments affecting your business, in particular, the Government's Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform...
By Jessica Cousins
Jessica Cousins, Solicitor in the Private Client team answers a readers question in Choice Magazine published on 1 February 2017.
By Jonathan Cornthwaite
It has long been possible to seek the registration of (inter alia) "the shape of goods or of their packaging" as a trade mark both in the UK and in the rest of the European Union.
By Edward Craft
We live in a time of transition. Old assumptions and alliances are being challenged. Calm, reasoned, rational debate is lost in the cacophony.
By Janice Wall, Omar Amin
Jurisdictions around the world (including in the United States, France, Germany and Holland) generally recognise, to some extent, the principle that contracting parties...
By Suzanne Gill
Often HR professionals and those in management roles are lumbered with dealing with property matters for the business. Below is the first of three articles to give you a better understanding...
By Amelia Villiers-Stuart
The Financial Conduct Authority FCA has published the interim feedback to the call for input to the post-implementation review of the FCA's crowdfunding rules (FS16/13) (the Interim Feedback Report)...
By Amelia Villiers-Stuart
The legislative process to amend the Shareholder Rights Directive (2007/36/EC) (the Directive) is finally drawing to a close: it has been in progress formally and informally for almost five years.
By Emma Davies, Edmund Goodin
In the recent case of Randhawa & Ors v Turpin & Anor, the High Court analysed the question whether, under the Duomatic principle, a company's articles of association...
By Chris Williams
A report recently published by the work-life charity Working Families and Bright Horizons has found that UK workplaces are failing to support fathers' wishes to take an active role in raising their children.
By Jonathan Achampong
Currently, buy-to-let landlords can deduct their finance costs, including mortgage interest, from their rental profits before calculating their taxable income.
By Richard Isham
Two very important issues that will continue to play out during 2017 and beyond are; the "workers" rights debate and how to make transgender people feel welcome.
By Julia Jackson
Starting from April of this year, employers who sponsor overseas workers in the UK with a Tier 2 status will be required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge (the ISC).
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