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By Marko Ketler
Amendments to the Insolvency Act, which were adopted by the National Assembly on 31 March 2016, will come into force on 26 April 2016.
By Relja Mirkov
As the overall level of convergence between industries in the business world keeps increasing, it is only logical for the related legal aspects to follow suit every step of the way.
By Dragan Karanović
At the recently held Summit 100 Business Forum in Sarajevo, many topics of contemporary relevance for the region of Southeast Europe were expectedly touched upon.
By Petar Mitrovic
With more than 6-months of delay, the Government of the Republic of Serbia finally adopted the following package of decrees setting out the new incentive scheme for green energy...
By Veljko Smiljanić
Global competition law circles have recently been shaken by the European Commission's record-setting fine of EUR 2.93 billion for collusion on the automotive market...
By Dragan Gajin
Ever since Serbia's Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU entered into force in September 2013, Serbian media have paid significant attention to the country's obligations...
By Petar Mitrovic
An interesting piece of news in the sphere of tax law has recently been provided by the Court of Justice of the European Union decision that found Portuguese withholding tax rules to be breaching EU law.
By Tanja Unguran
An interesting trend can be noticed recently as the Serbian Tax Administration and Tax Police have raised their level of activity in conducting routine tax inspections in companies across the country.
By Darko Jovanović
The latest amendments to the above outlined by-laws represent a signal that the market of non-performing loans may be developing, although the results still remain to be seen and tested in practice.
By Patricia Gannon
Various media outlets have recently been reporting on the economic relationship between Turkey and the Balkan countries, as well as the growing interest of Turkish companies to do business in this region.
By Marjan Poljak, Jelena Danilović, Mirko Kovač
The new GCBA introduces a broader scope of existing labour rights and has also included several additional rights.
By Dragomir Kojic, Relja Mirkov, Tanja Glisic
It seems that the promotional efforts of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia have been effective. According to statistics from the IP Office for 2013, the number of trademark applications increased by 40%, the number of patent applications increased by 5% and industrial design applications increased by 42% compared to last year.
By Tanja Unguran, Petar Mitrovic, Branimir Rajšić
The Ministry of Finance passed new rulebooks on the form and content of tax balance and tax return for corporate taxpayers and sole entrepreneurs.
By Danijel Pribanic, Ana Buncic
The new Act on Strategic Investment in Croatia has achieved its goal of reducing administrative procedures and ensuring the speedy realisation of strategic projects in Croatia.
By Tanja Unguran, Branimir Rajšić, Petar Mitrovic
The tax authorities in the region have been intensely active over the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 and have implemented several legislative changes.