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By Charla Bizios Stevens
During primary season in 2016 it seemed as though questions came up almost daily about how to curb the nasty "watercooler" rhetoric about political candidates and issues.
By John Weaver
President Trump has issued an executive order on "Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence" (the "Order"). Noting that artificial intelligence ("AI") "
By Amanda E. Quinlan
Can an employee be terminated for going on vacation when taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act?
By Michael Quinn
The protection from environmental liability afforded by the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment ("ESA") is well-known to purchasers of land who conduct ESAs before becoming the "owner."
By Jeremy Walker
My company has received a "cease and desist" order accusing patent infringement. I don't think it has any merit. Can I safely ignore it?
By John Weaver
In my last column, I noted that there is general agreement that the authority of the Federal Trade Commission Act (the "Act") is broad enough to govern algorithmic decision-making
By Jennifer Parent
Following both Massachusetts and Maine, New Hampshire will prohibit non-compete agreements for employees who earn an hourly rate that is equal to or lesser than double the federal minimum wage.
By Christopher M. Dube, Joseph A. Foster
The Bankruptcy Code does not treat all unsecured creditors equally; public policy concerns dictate otherwise. Workers, for example, benefit from a priority given to payment of certain wages.
By Alexandra Geiger
Last month, the Massachusetts House passed a bill that would allow public sector unions to charge non-members fees for services such as representation in grievances
By Catherine Hines
The issuing corporation must be a C corporation for substantially all of the period during which you held the stock.
By Laura B. Dodge
Your home is probably your most valuable asset. When you buy a home, you're buying more than the structure and the land it sits on. You are also buying
By Anthony Delyani
When two or more individuals start a new business venture, often the last thing they think about, or want to think about, is the day when they will no longer own the business together.
By Charla Bizios Stevens
Businesses should consult with experienced employment counsel when considering a move to a new state.
By Jennifer Parent
In an opinion letter dated April 29, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor explains that some service providers working for a virtual marketplace company are independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
By Charla Bizios Stevens
On June 5, 2019 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision in DaPrato v. Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, SJC-12651, 2019
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