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By Graeme Watson, Chris Dunn
When a medical professional is repeatedly dishonest about their interactions with a patient, is their fitness to practise impaired on public protection grounds
By Peter Kasanda, Aliko Simon, Margareth Maganga
This month's employment law briefing focuses on the process of terminating an employment contract by way of an agreement between an employer and an employee.
By Mark Hemsted
The High Court has provided guidance on the apportionment of liability where the Claimant's speeding motorcycle collided with the Defendant, who was attempting to complete a right turn when exiting a car park.
By Angela Flaherty
In this video, Energy Insurance Partner, Angela Flaherty identifies some of the major factors that are changing the landscape in the oil and gas
By Graham Mitchell, Ruth Bonino
In an important decision, the Court of Appeal has ruled that holiday pay for a teacher who worked irregular hours on a permanent term-time, or so-called "part-year" contract, should be calculated using her average earnings...
By James Roberts, Natalia Jeremiah
Whilst the global conversation continues about the rising number of reports of sexual harassment inside and outside the workplace, scrutiny of how professional firms respond to these and other misconduct issues has increased.
By Claire Raftery, Chris Dunn
Sometimes it is better for a registrant not to give evidence to a fitness to practise panel. And they can do so safe in the knowledge that the panel cannot draw any adverse inferences – until now.
By Robert Hill, Ruth Bonino
If you are a solo-regulated FCA firm, you will be transitioning into the Senior Managers & Certification Regime on 9 December this year.
By Kieran Hallinan, Paul Widger
In this article, as forensic accountants, we analyse the cyber business interruption wordings in the insurance market and highlight the weaknesses we have seen in some of the wordings.
By Clare Hatcher
Traditionally, LNG has been traded under long-term contracts under which pricing was almost always linked to the price of crude oil.
By Kate Duffy
The Court of Appeal has adjourned the appeal hearing of Swift v Carpenter to allow the parties to file additional expert evidence.
By Eugene Tan, Jeremy Yeap
In Far East Square Pte Ltd v Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2019] SGCA 36 ("Far East v Yau Lee"), the Singapore Court of Appeal ("CA") clarified its earlier decision of Audi Construction Pte Ltd v Kian Hiap...
By Yvonne Foo
On 7 August 2019, Singapore hosted the signing ceremony for the "Singapore Convention on Mediation", which is the first United Nations treaty to be named after Singapore.
By Douglas Maag
On August 5, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order (the New EO) that significantly expands US sanctions on the Government of Venezuela.
By Tom White
In Cape v Dring [2019] EWCA Civ 1795, the Supreme Court has made clear the breadth of the courts' jurisdiction to allow third parties to access documents held by the courts in relation to litigation
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