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By Peter Mills
If your customer goes into liquidation, an effective PPS registration would elevate you to a secured creditor position.
By Clayton Payne
A worker should always be given an opportunity to respond or explain their behaviour before a termination occurs.
By Peter Kenny
Article sets out the bare minimum course of action to follow when employees are required to use quad bikes, ag bike & horses.
By Clayton Payne
Employers should have robust policies and training dealing with avoidance of adverse behaviour and sexual harassment.
By Clayton Payne
This case demonstrates an instance where the Commissioner could use his or her discretion to order reinstatement.
By Clayton Payne
Employers need to be extremely carefully if they are contemplating summarily terminating the employment of an employee.
By Clayton Payne
Substantial civil penalties can be awarded against an employer, and those involved in contraventions of the Fair Work Act.
By Ari McCamley
The use of "Nero d'Avola" to describe Australian wine is now uncertain after the recognition of the Italian GI "Avola".
By Julian Troy
Failure by a respondent to pay a successful claimant the adjudication amount is liable to a significant civil penalty.
By Clayton Payne
As a result of the wording of the Act, the demotion of an employee, who still remains employed, may constitute dismissal.
By Cameron Graham
The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) may give a landlord the status of a secured creditor in some circumstances.
By Tim Quirk
The submitter Appellants sought declaratory relief against the decision approving the use of a borrow pit on the land.
By Peter Kenny
If Queensland Rail discovers a private road crossing, it will ask the landowner to enter into a agreement for access.
By Alex Ramsey
Banned in 1937, but slowly deregulated, the production of cannabis and its by-product, hemp, has steadily increased.
By Alex Ramsey
Primary producers need to demonstrate an "occupational requirement" and "genuine need" to hold a licence for handguns.
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