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By Kenneth Ahl
I have been a tax lawyer long enough to see a number of major tax overhaul plans come to Congress.
By Gianfranco Pietrafesa
As a corporate lawyer, I handle many M&A transactions with small and middle market closely-held and family-owned businesses.
By Gianfranco Pietrafesa
Gianfranco A. Pietrafesa,, a partner in the firm's Business Counseling Group, has contributed an article to the August 2017 edition of the Business Law Section Newsletter of the New Jersey State Bar Association...
By Robert Seiger, Gregory Palakow
On Sunday September 24, 2017, the Trump Administration issued a third version of a Travel Ban restricting travel to the United States by visitors of now eight countries.
By Robert Egan, Thomas Muccifori
Courts continue to grapple with the use of social media as a networking platform in the context of compliance with non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. Last month we alerted you to the Pennsylvania Superior Court Case....
By Greg Vogel
All companies have to make difficult choices prioritizing objectives. In addition to other factors...
By James Graziano
Thus, it is imperative that practitioners are aware of how certain areas of CERLCA are interpreted across the country.
By Robert Egan, Mark J. Sever
Anyone who conducts business in Delaware - even if they are located outside that state - has until April 14, 2018 to comply with new requirements to protect personal information from data breaches...
By Archer & Greiner
Andrew T. Fede authored the article, "Sign and Billboard Law: Hijacking the First Amendment or Balancing Freedom of Expression and Government Control?"
By Robert Seiger
With Labor Day now behind us, likely many of us have enjoyed some summer fun with our families.
By Robert Seiger, Deborah Hays
Whether employers are hiring United States citizens or foreign nationals with visa needs, onboarding is governed in part by immigration Form I-9.
By Patrick Doran, Jonathan Rardin
It's now official! According to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania--Facebook can be the basis for violation of a non-solicitation agreement.
By Robert Egan, Daniel DeFiglio
New Jersey retail establishments who collect electronic data by scanning personal identification cards must comply with the "Personal Information and Privacy Information Act" that Governor Chris Christie signed...
By Archer & Greiner
Like all contracts, arbitration policies require mutual agreement and consideration between employer and employee.
By John C. Connell
The full Federal Circuit said the denial of Tam's application for trademark registration of "The Slants" was unconstitutional because it violated the First Amendment.
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