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By Gregory Winsky, Richard P. Gilly
The sophisticated technology at issue in WesternGeco relates to methods and systems for controlling the movement and positioning of a series of streamers towed in an array behind a ship sailing on the high seas.
By Archer & Greiner
It also stated that "it is simply not true that unions will refuse to serve as the exclusive representative of all employees in the unit if they are not given agency fees.
By Tiffany W Donio
On July 1, 2018, Governor Murphy signed into law a $37.4 billion state budget for fiscal year 2019, avoiding a government shutdown.
By Tiffany W Donio, Gordon F. Moore
As many are aware, there is a lot of wrangling going on between Governor Murphy and the NJ Legislature over the fast-approaching June 30 budget deadline.
By Tiffany W Donio
In a much awaited decision, yesterday, the United States Supreme Court in South Dakota v. Wayfair overturned the longstanding precedent established most notably by Quill v. North Dakota...
By Marie E. Lihotz
A client's enthusiasm for litigation decreases in direct relationship to the length of time it takes to obtain a final result.
By Marie E. Lihotz
Trial attorneys prepare for issues they expect will arise.
By Deborah Hays, William 'Bill' Caruso, Anthony Fassano
Eight to one. Those are the currents odds that the Philadelphia Eagles will repeat as Super Bowl champions. If you like those odds and live in New Jersey ...
By Deborah Hays, William 'Bill' Caruso, Anthony Fassano
It has been less than a month since the United States Supreme Court paved the way for legalized sports gambling throughout the county.
By Jonathan Rardin, Daniel DeFiglio
The English playwright Douglas Adams was once quoted as having said, "I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons."
By Archer & Greiner
On May 30, 2018, Governor Murphy executed the New Jersey Gestational Carrier Agreement Act, which now permits parties to enter into an Agreement to contract for one party to become pregnant...
By Tiffany W Donio, Gordon F. Moore
On May 4, 2018, Governor Murphy signed into law legislation which permits local New Jersey taxing authorities to establish charitable funds the purpose ....
By Thomas Muccifori, Anthony Fassano
Today, a bill in New Jersey that would restrict the enforcement of non-compete agreements took a step closer to passage. Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats introduced a federal bill...
By Anthony Fassano
On Tuesday, the en banc Third Circuit Court of Appeals held, in Rotkiske v. Klemm, that the statute of limitations for claims brought under the federal FDCPA begins to run when the alleged violation occurs...
By Anthony Fassano, Deborah Hays, William 'Bill' Caruso
On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a highly anticipated decision that struck down the federal ban on state authorization of sports betting.
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