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By Agnieszka Lisiecka
Employment of temporary workers, list of tasks that are prohibited for pregnant and breast-feeding women, seasonal and short-term work of foreigners, and Presidential Bill on Amendment of the Labour Code.
By Agnieszka Lisiecka
On 1 January, the minimum remuneration for work was raised, so that for 2017 it is PLN 2,000 gross.
By Lena Marcinoska
In April of last year, we pondered the legal aspects of e-sport and stated that its status in Poland is unregulated.
By Wardynski & Partners
An overview of mergers and acquisitions in Poland.
By Jacek Czarnecki
The main objective of the planned regulation is to enable the efficient location of assets which could be associated with a crime, or be subject to judicial or administrative enforcement.
By Michał Nowacki, Jakub Świetlicki Vel Węgorek
During the past year Bitcoin doubled its value. Those who acquired this currency at a lower rate can now reap great profits. The ability to tax income on this basis has long been subject to doubt.
By Joanna Prokurat
R&D relief was included in Poland's income tax law from 1 January 2016. A year later, under the "Small Innovation Act," major changes were introduced to make the incentives more attractive.
By Wardynski & Partners
It's no secret that predictions work best with hindsight, but this year venturing any forecasts seems particularly fraught with risk.
By Wardynski & Partners
The official language in Poland is Polish. Among foreign languages, English has become predominant, particularly among managers and other professionals. German, French and Russian are also often encountered.