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By Steven Rabitz, Marissa Holob, Bruce Gallant, Abbey Keppler
On May 23, 2017 the Wall Street Journal published a letter by Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta in connection with the Department of Labor's new "investment advice" fiduciary rule (the "Fiduciary Rule") under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA") affecting accounts subject to ERISA ..
By Matthew Siegal, Dale Degenshein
A CONTRACTOR DIES on the job. Who's liable? When shareholders perform work in their apartments, the concept is that the shareholder assumes all risk and liability in connection with that work.
By Quyen Truong, Julia B. Strickland, Benjamin Diehl
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's ("CFPB" or "Bureau") May 10, 2017 field hearing and issuance of a Request for Information ("RFI") regarding the small business lending market, particularly credit issues facing small businesses owned by women and minorities, have stirred worries about new regulatory burdens on this sector.
By Richard Siegler, Dale Degenshein
The apartments in those buildings are "joint living-working quarters for artists."
By Michael Quartararo
An Introduction to Core Principles of Legal Project Management and Leadership in eDiscovery...
By Jayme Goldstein, Daniel Ross, Matthew Schwartz, Lucas Charleston, Daniel Ginsberg, Christopher Guhin
Due to a combination of factors, including a winning litigation strategy and execution thereon, noteholders represented by Stroock and Houlihan Lokey in the Foresight Energy situation...
By Erica Buckley
Spurred by strong community support for permanent affordability, interest in community land trusts ("CLTs") has been growing at a rapid pace.
By Andrew DeNatale, Kenneth Pasquale, Jeffrey Uffner, Curtis Mechling, Daniel Ginsberg, Harold Olsen, Sherry Millman, Gabriel Sasson, Shahzadi Ahmed
Stroock is pleased to announce the publication of A Guide to the Bankruptcy Law of the United States.
By Ross F. Moskowitz, Erica Buckley
More than a year after New York State's 421-a tax exemption program expired on January 16, 2016, the state legislature has adopted a 421-a replacement law, known as the "Affordable Housing NY Program."
By Alan Klinger, Dina Kolker, Arthur Herskowitz, David Kahne, Beth Norton
An examination of intensifying efforts to pass federal and state "right-to-work" legislation amid a backdrop of judicial fair share fee challenges, and the potential consequences for public and private unions.
By Beth Norton
This coming November, New York voters will find a referendum on the ballot on whether there should be a Constitutional Convention to amend the New York State Constitution.
By Alan Klinger, Dina Kolker
As public sector workers and their unions continue to litigate governmental attempts to reduce their contractually bargained-for rights, the Contracts Clause is proving to be a useful tool...
By Alan Klinger, David Kahne
The Supreme Court Addresses a Factual Wrinkle to First Amendment Speech and Public Employee Retaliation Cases
By Julia B. Strickland, Quyen Truong, Stephen Newman, Brian C. Frontino, Benjamin Diehl, Arjun Rao
On March 31, 2017, the D.C. Circuit issued its long-awaited decision in Bais Yaakov of Spring Valley, et al., v. Federal Communications Commission, et al., No. 14-1234, invalidating the FCC's rulings...
By Steven Rabitz
On April 4, 2017, the Federal Register posted a notice of delay of 60 days by the U.S. Department of Labor of the first scheduled applicability date for the so-called investment advice "fiduciary" (or conflict of interest) rule ...
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