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By Marc Katz, Isabel Crosby, Jayde Ashford Brown
On August, 29, 2017, the Trump Administration addressed these concerns by effectively blocking the new reporting requirements.
By Matthew Grunert
10b5-1 trading plans can be a valuable tool in wealth building by permitting an executive to trade in employer stock during blackouts, particularly for executives who may be in a virtually perpetual blackout.
By John Seward
The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") and U.S. Department of Justice ("DOJ") have recently revisited several HSR exemption interpretations and sought penalties from investors relying on thers.
By Brian Mudge, Andrew Kasnevich
Covered business method reviews are an important component of AIA patent trials, but the extent of patents eligible for CBM review has not been subject to a consistent standard.
By David Zdunkewicz, Edward A. Clarkson, III
On July 19, 2017, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion in Arrow Oil & Gas, Inc., et al. v. J. Aron & Company, et al. (In re Semcrude, L.P., et al.), affirming the Delaware bankruptcy court...
By Matthew Grunert, Anthony Eppert
Some state and local governments are attempting to apply new taxes and other charges to publicly traded companies with disclosed pay ratios that exceed certain thresholds.
By Marc Katz, Isabel Crosby, Jayde Ashford Brown
We previously told you about the new Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, that was issued in November 2016, required to be used beginning January 22, 2017.
By Paul Qualey, Ji (Alex) Lei, Michael Block
•In multi-consumer, multi-feature products, the causal nexus requirement for showing irreparable harm can be satisfied by evidence showing that an infringing feature increases a product's desirability...
By Sheila Mortazavi, Lee Davis, Ian A. Moore
Patent Owner-Appellant appealed PTAB's finding of obviousness in inter partes reexamination proceeding. CAFC affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded.
By Sheila Mortazavi, Lee Davis, Ian A. Moore
Defendant-Appellant Newegg appealed E.D. Tex.'s denial of a motion for attorney fees. CAFC reversed and remanded.
By Jeff Dodd, Ross Campbell, Jerry Jie Li, Dora Luo
On June 1, 2017, China debuted its first comprehensive cybersecurity law (the "PRC Cybersecurity Law").
By Ryan Deane
The problem that the SAAMCO principle was established to address was colourfully illustrated by Lord Hoffman in the SAAMCO case itself.
By Melinda Brunger, Morgan Hollins, Ashley Muehlberger
While building a public company, start-up or family business, day-to-day operations and growth objectives tend to consume most of management's time and effort.
By Brian Mudge, Andrew Kasnevich
We have previously written about the scope of patents eligible for CBM review, including the PTAB's inconsistent approaches in determining whether patents qualify for CBM review and...
By Matthew Grunert, Carolyn A. Exnicios, L. Lee McMurtry III
It is not uncommon for outstanding, vested options to be cashed out at the closing of an M&A transaction.
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