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By Martín Torres Girotti
The Commercial Court of Appeals has recently settled the controversy about the percentage of return admissible in settlement agreements executed in commercial class actions, accepting the refund of just 60%...
By Marcelo A. den Toom
Law 27,442 (the "Law"), which entered into effect on May 24, 2018 along with its Implementing Regulation -Decree 480/2018- introduces sweeping changes in the competition law regime in Argentina.
By Laura N. Lavia Haidempergher, Mercedes de Artaza
Luego de casi tres meses el proyecto fue aprobado y remitido a la Cámara de inicio para su consideración.
By Ariadna Artopoulos
Principales lineamientos del proyecto de reforma integral del sistema tributario argentino presentado por el Poder Ejecutivo Nacional a la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación el 15 de noviembre de 2017
By Marcelo A. den Toom
On November 22 the House of Representatives passed a bill approving a new competition law in Argentina (the "Bill"), set to replace Law 25,156 of 1999.
By Natalia P. Guillén, Melisa Romero
The Argentine Civil and Commercial Code, includes an express and specific regulation on liability due to failure in preliminary negotiations (i.e. when parties are negotiating before entering into an agreement).
By Patricio Albornoz, M. Florencia Bossi
In a ruling dated June 12, 2017, in re "Vignes Des Andes S.A. c/ Grupo Peñaflor s/ Cese de oposición al registro de marca" ("Vignes Des and S.A. vs Grupo Peñaflor on cease of opposition...
By Patricio Albornoz, M. Florencia Bossi
The court of appeals emphasizes the necessity that the consumers identify directly the products with the trademark object of the claim and that it is not a secondary sign.
By María Inés Corrá, Federico Campolieti, Fermín Caride
Recently the Argentine Government has announced 52 new project opportunities to be developed through public-private partnerships (PPP) under a freshly Public-Private Partnership Contracts Law.
By Martín Torres Girotti
For the first time in an insurance class action brought by a consumers' association, the National Commercial Court of Appeals applied the one-year limitation period set out in the Insurance Law...
By Laura N. Lavia Haidempergher, Mercedes de Artaza
Through the enactment of Law No. 5709, the City of Buenos Aires has taken a step forward regarding patient protection and possible conflicts of interest that might affect therapeutic decisions...
By Tomás Araya, María Inés Corrá, Ximena Daract Laspiur, Laura Zinnerman, Martina Monti, Magdalena Carbó
In recent years, the Argentine energy sector has faced several challenges. Due to the lack of incentives to foreign and local investors and the de-dollarization of tariffs, among other measures...
By Martín Torres Girotti
La Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones en lo Comercial dictó un importante precedente mediante el cual restringió la admisibilidad del abuso de posición dominante en los juicios de concesión automotriz.
By M & M Bomchil
On January 13th, 2017, the Official Gazette of Buenos Aires City published Law No. 5709, which aims to provide patients a tool that allows them to have as much information as possible about conflicts...
By Ariadna Artopoulos, Daniela Forte.
Aprobación del convenio para evitar la doble imposición internacional con los Estados Unidos Mexicanos