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By Elie H. Gendloff
Companies have two choices for meeting the PCT patent application filing requirements when they have multiple pending provisional applications.
By Karl Rutledge, Adrienne Brantley
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), among other things, provides a safe harbor from copyright infringement liability for online service providers and website owners that allow third parties to post content onto or through their websites or other online platforms.
By Mike Koplow, Gary J. Nelson
In performing the likelihood of confusion analysis between a registered trademark and an applied for mark, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (the "Board") considers a range of factors known as the du Pont factors.
By Dieter J. Raemdonck
The National Park Service (NPS) has announced a proposal to increase entrance fees at 17 national parks. Currently, the fee for private vehicles is between $25 and $30...
By David A. Dillard, Sami I. Schilly
It is fairly common nowadays for a party accused of patent infringement to file a petition in the United States Patent and Trademark Office requesting Inter Partes Review of the asserted patent.
By Mike Koplow, Gary J. Nelson
That was the question the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (the "Board") sought to answer in the application proceedings of In re Don Calder.
By Marla Hudgens, Holly Logue
Whether your passion is rock climbing, camping, skiing, yoga or scuba diving, starting a company that combines your passion with the opportunity to pay your bills can be exciting and overwhelming.
By Mike Koplow, Gary J. Nelson
Are you free to register the trademark SWAP SEALED WITH A PRAYER when someone else has an existing registration for the mark SWAP, and both are directed to clothing goods?
By E. Martín Enriquez
U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently announced that it will block imports of goods that were produced with North Korean labor even though North Korean workers were employed outside of North Korea.
By Glenn Light, Karl Rutledge
Social media has become a preferred medium for operators to disseminate information and sell their products/services, connect with their customers and strengthen their brand.
By Gary J. Nelson, Mike Koplow
For years, designer handbag maker Louis Vuitton has been entrenched in trademark litigation against the Los Angeles based one-woman tote bag maker "My Other Bag." My Other Bag sells relatively inexpensive canvas tote bags depicting caricatures of expensive designer handbags on one side with the text "My Other Bag" on the other.
By Josephine E. Chang
In Helsinn Healthcare S.A., v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., the Federal Circuit interpreted, for the first time, what constitutes an "on-sale" bar under 35 U.S.C. 102(a)(1) of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.
By G. Warren Bleeker
Twitter has been referred to as "the Wild West of the internet—a lawless, godless place designed for sinners and sure to corrupt the pure of heart."
By Robert H. McKirgan
In a breaking story that is sure to stoke the debate regarding collegiate athletics and money, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced that charges have been brought against assistant coaches at four prominent college basketball programs as well as the director of sports marketing at Adidas.
By E. Martín Enriquez
Distribution partnerships, like marriages, are entered into during a period of optimism and excitement. You have a great product and you found the right partner who will help you take it to the masses.
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