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By Nick Wells, Justin Graham, Laura Fraser
It remains to be seen how the Crown responds to this judgment but the threat of judicial review by iwi will be a concern.
By Nick Wells, Justin Graham, Tim Smith, Laura Fraser
Governments and the Waitangi Tribunal may have to consider iwi and hapu rights when making decisions affecting Maori.
By Cathryn Barber, Emma Sutcliffe, Ross Pennington
This changed accounting standard has a broad range of impacts on lessees' reported financial position and performance.
By Justin Graham, Daniel Kalderimis, Laura Fraser, Geoff Carter
This decision was a significant departure from current authority and could carry large implications for in-house counsel.
By Bill Sandston, Roger Wallis, Andrew Woods, Rachel Dunne, Tim Tubman
The NZ Government has confirmed that it is planning a much more comprehensive review on the overseas investment regime.
By Jo Appleyard, Paula Brosnahan, Luke Hinchey, Catherine Somerville, Ben Williams, Joanna Bain, Alana Lampitt
The Productivity Commission has urged "early, strong action" in the form of higher emissions prices.
By Catherine Somerville, Jo Appleyard, Paula Brosnahan, Luke Hinchey, Ben Williams, Joanna Bain, Alana Lampitt
The Ministry released a discussion document on reform options, seeking feedback on how best to implement these changes.
By Michael Harper, Michael Arthur, Daniel Kalderimis, Hamish Foote, Fiona Bennett
Creditors with different rights or interests can be classed together in a compromise under Part 14 of the Companies Act.
By Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Rachel Dunne
This was a reminder that only "material" information must be disclosed when a company is in voluntary administration.
By Geof Shirtcliffe, Roger Wallis, Fiona Bennett
A compulsory public register of company and limited partnership beneficial ownership in NZ should be firmly rejected.
By Garth Gallaway, Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter, Joseph Lill
The case, concerning a fatality in a kiwifruit orchard, provided helpful guidance on the extent of the duty of care.
By Mark Reese, Paula Brosnahan
Article discusses the infrastructure deficit in the world and particularly, in New Zealand.
By Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Fiona Bennett
Directors have the right to privacy over their home address within the proposed Director Identification Number regime.
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Roger Wallis, Bradley Kidd, Mike Woodbury
The Amendment Bill includes minor changes, but much of the regulation will come from the forthcoming Code of Conduct.
By Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Tim Sherman, Geoff Carter, Jeremy Upson
In NSW, whether a recorded conversation is personal information depends on what is said about the relevant individual.
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