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By Daniel Strigberger
It's a Friday afternoon before a long weekend, of course, and you've just received a potential SABS priority dispute.
By Tim Gillibrand
A recent motion decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice highlights the importance of having clear internal communications about privacy policies.
By Devan Marr
When it comes to resignations, the facts matter and the decision of Nagpal v. IBM certainly proves it.
By Laura Emmett
Hands-on experience is critical training for medical professionals. For instance, an emergency room doctor involving a resident...
By Suzanne Armstrong
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and New York Attorney General announced today that YouTube and Google will pay a record setting $170 million dollars to settle
By Stas Bodrov
Pharmacists have a range of responsibilities including reviewing prescriptions, educating individuals about medication use and side effects, and acting as a last line of defence to ensure that multiple medications do not interact with one another.
By Laura Emmett
Snooping occurs on a regular basis but few organizations are willing to deal with it.
By Devan Marr
In a recent Ontario Small Claims Court decision, a deputy judge was faced with a situation where a business e-mail compromise resulted in settlement funds being redirected to a fraudster rather than
By Kathleen O’Hara
Further, administrative action and file closure letters are notorders and can be challenged.
By Stas Bodrov
Facebook has been under heavy fire for the better part of the past year. Last week, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit added to the fray in Patel v Facebook Inc.
By Lisa Armstrong
This class action stems from cyber attacks in 2013 and 2014 by Federal Secret Service of the Russian Federation against the defendants, Yahoo Inc. and Yahoo! Canada Co.
By Laura Emmett
It is fair to assume that the personal health information provided to medical professionals is kept confidential. Medical professionals and institutions set up policies and procedures to ensure
By Daniel Strigberger
The Ontario Court of Appeal has held that business interruption claims are not subject to a rolling limitation period.
By Laura Emmett
Facebook has made history today, but not in a good way. The US Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") announced this morning that Facebook will pay a record-breaking
By Stas Bodrov
Although privacy issues have been taking over the headlines in recent months, healthcare organizations have been subject to stringent privacy regulations for a number