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By Elie Sprung
When negotiating with investors, many companies and founders are focused on maximizing their valuation – which is understandable: assuming the amount of the investment is set, the higher the valuation of the company, ...
By Shai Bakal, Alexander Wolf
In recent years, parallel and private imports have become important factors in the public debate over the cost of living in Israel.
By Tadmor & Co. Yuval Levy & Co.
How far is the reach of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission?
By Shai Bakal
The main competition legislation in Israel is the Restrictive Trade Practices Law, 5748-1988 (the Antitrust Law).
By Alon A. Ziv, Benjamin Nashpitz
Since the early days of the British Mandate, and until only a few years ago, the task of planning and constructing Israel's transportation network was undertaken almost exclusively by government entities.
By Yaniv Aronowich, Alon A. Ziv, Benjamin Nashpitz, Merav Leviten
On January 22, 2017 the Israeli Government approved a National Plan for the Development of Smart Transportation.
By Alon A. Ziv, Idan Hirshberg, Benjamin Nashpitz
The Publication follows an earlier decision by the Israeli Government to produce at least 10% of the total energy consumption in Israel from renewable energy sources by 2020.
By Amir Scharf, Vered Pilichovski Czyzyk, Ricky Brenner
The Israeli Parliament (Knesset) Finance Committee recently approved, following a long legislative process, the Joint Investment Trust Regulations (Foreign Fund Unit Offerings), 2016.