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By Jim DiGabriele
Most business owners will only need a business valuation only a handful of times throughout their career and are likely unfamiliar with how value is determined.
By Jim DiGabriele
When a business owner begins the succession planning process or finds another need to conduct a valuation they are often surprised to learn there is more than one to determine a company's value.
By Jim DiGabriele
During litigation cases, there are often situations where an attorney needs to work with a forensic accountant or other financial expert to determine the value of several types of assets.
By DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC
Jim DiGabriele has spearheaded the development of a forensic accounting certificate program for accounting graduate students at Montclair State University.
By Jim DiGabriele
Following his termination from employment, the chief medical officer of a large international company filed a complaint alleging the company's decision was the unjust result of his whistleblowing activities.
By Jim DiGabriele
Prosecuting and defending attorneys, as well as courts, require unbiased and objective expertise when assessing financial matters related to litigation.
By DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC
DiGabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC was retained by a New Jersey State housing agency to review financial claims brought against it by a housing contractor.