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By George SK, Smriti Ganotra
This question has repeatedly been raised by people regardless of their professional background.
By Smriti Ganotra
GST (the Goods and Services Tax) is finally here just like winter in Game of Thrones. The much-awaited indirect-tax regime was honored with the throne on 13 July 2017, solely to stimulate the growth in Indian economy.
By George SK, Smriti Ganotra
The math is lucid and co-related. A higher number of expatriates flooding into the region leads to a linear rise in the demand for property (for leasehold and freehold).
By M Kaul
The much-anticipated Anti-Fraud Law has been in the news since the draft of the aforesaid law was introduced and circulated in the year 2013
By Smriti Ganotra
On 15 July 2009, New York city witnessed a ‘Miracle on the Hudson River' when flight 1549 departed New York but shortly after the take-off due to bird strike the plane lost its two turbines.
By STA Law Firm
Dubai rose to fame in the information technology sector when global IT giants moved their regional base to the Dubai Internet City.
By STA Law Firm
Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, means working from a place outside the traditional office with the help of modern technology to keep in touch with your business
By George SK
Free economic zones have made the Emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, a popular destination for investment.
By Rini Agarwal
Time and again we have discussed the level of dynamicity in the sectors and industries such as construction, maritime, cryptocurrency and the like.
By STA Law Firm
If a company in the United Arab Emirates wanted to buy authentic leather abroad, most likely they would start looking for sellers in Italy.
By M Kaul
Since the time of its promulgation in the year 2016, the Bankruptcy Law has been widely discussed and deliberated on. The enactment of Federal Law Number 9 of 2016 (the New Law) ...
By STA Law Firm
Keeping in mind the contradiction between the heading of this article and the quotation above, I wish to draw your attention to an illustration
By STA Law Firm
A red bike described by the seller is up for sale online, the buyer then receives an orange-colored motorcycle: deception by description or merely a deal by description, which is built wholly ...
By STA Law Firm
The origins of this proverb are unknown, but they are relevant in varied contexts. One can say that the concept of plagiarism efficiently sits on this axiom.
By STA Law Firm
The primary piece of legislation governing pharmaceutical companies in the United Arab Emirates is Federal Law Number 4 of 1983 concerning the Pharmaceutical Profession ...
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