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By Valerie Lord
"My brother has a pituitary brain injury" – "I'm sorry, a what?" I hear this phrase often. At 8 years old, my youngest brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor ("craniopharyngioma").
By Michael J. Henry
We all know when driving it's important to "keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel."
By Renée Vinett
"You're expecting?!" Your mind starts to race after you blurt out this question and you anxiously look for a signal to tell you how to react.
By Kaitlyn MacDonell
Recently we have seen a trend towards intolerance by the Courts of insurers' tactics. In the case of Persampieri v. Hobbs et al., an 84 year old plaintiff brought an action for injuries as a result ...
By Adam Wagman
Last year, Adam Wagman was named among the most influential lawyers in Canada by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.
By Valerie Lord, Michael J. Henry
The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement has brought long-awaited attention to a problem our society has buried for far too long.
By D. Joel Dick
The Plaintiff is entitled to the date, time and location of the surveillance, as well as a description of the nature and duration of the activities depicted.
By Eman Khoshbin
For some, they wish to avoid the bitter cold.
By Paul Miller
In this blog post, I explore some research into the long-term use of baby (talcum) powder and why Johnson & Johnson would prefer if you would focus on its pleasant smell...
By Eman Khoshbin
Canadian winters have a very interesting dual effect: they simultaneously push people indoors and outdoors.
By Jeremy M. Syrtash
Preventable medical errors kill about 30,000 Canadians every year. To put those eye-popping numbers into perspective, the former president and CEO of Toronto's University Health Network...
By Paul Miller
The blood coursing through our veins distributes the oxygen, nutrients and energy our organs need to function and stay healthy.
By Paul Miller
Secondary migration occurs on trans-anatomical planes as the result of mesh erosion caused by foreign body reaction.
By Paul Miller, Brad Moscato
Advances in surgical hernia repair procedures have dramatically reduced the amount of time many patients spend in recovery.
By Michael J. Henry
The old saying "you can't fight City Hall," is badly in need of a rewrite.