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By Michael J. Henry
The old saying "you can't fight City Hall," is badly in need of a rewrite.
By Michael J. Henry
Whether as a child or as an adult, mostly everyone has played a sport at one time in their life.
By Paul Miller
It's a common question health providers ask when compiling a patient's medical history.
By Paul Miller
People, often with no prior history of compulsive addictive behaviour, suddenly and unexplainably begin gambling away their life savings, falling deep into debt, and sometimes deceiving loved ones to hide it all.
By Paul Miller
It was supposed to be a medical breakthrough that would dramatically reduce the risk of recurrent hernias following a successful repair operation.
By Paul Miller
The president of the Canadian Hernia Society, Dr. John Morrison, has been spreading word of an "epidemic" of mesh-related complications he has been witnessing for the past few years.
By Michael J. Henry
Walking is a necessity to get from point A to B. Walking is also a great way to keep fit. It can also be very hazardous during the winter weather.
By Michael J. Henry
This upcoming holiday season, one's mind turns to parties which often involve drinking alcoholic beverages.
By Jeremy M. Syrtash
Throughout the years advocating for injured patients as a medical malpractice lawyer, I have come across many good questions that relate to this area of law.
By Neil Sacks
These exciting discoveries offer great hope for people who have sustained of traumatic brain injuries.
By Melissa Miller, Michael J. Henry
The Court of Appeal heard the El-Khodr appeal along with the Cobb v. Long Estate appeal because of common issues.
By Renée Vinett
It's been said that "what we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are."
By Kaitlyn MacDonell
The recent cutbacks to the accident benefits regime in Ontario are expected to have profound effects on those seriously injured in accidents.
By Renée Vinett, Laleh Hedayati
There has been a major reduction in the availability of non-earner benefits with the legislative changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule that went into effect on June 1, 2016
By Michael J. Henry
It's an evening of costumes, treats and fun. It is also one of the most dangerous nights on the calendar for kids and drivers.